August 16, 1982

6/5: The new politics of pain 1819

6/5: The new politics of pain

For Pierre Trudeau and his Liberal government, it would seem the least auspicious of times to lead a national crusade for economic recovery. The party has never been so unpopular. A Gallup poll released last week showed a scant 28-per-cent support for the Liberals (compared to 47 per cent for the Conservatives).
Tracking down the missing links 4243

Tracking down the missing links

The Afar Triangle is not one of Ethiopia’s most inviting spots. Trees are infrequent and scrubby. Water is scarce. Temperatures rise to a scorching 35 to 40 C daily. Yet, to anthropologists, this remote desert is a paradise, because literally crunching underfoot are keys that are unlocking the mysteries of the earliest period of human evolution.
Wariness in the wake of a war 1011

Wariness in the wake of a war

At a time when one would have supposed them still to be dancing in the streets with relief and euphoria following their liberation from the invading Argentines, the Falkland Islanders are a distinctly unhappy people, wary of the many unexpected changes caused by the battle to retake the islands and its aftermath.
The conflict in context 23

The conflict in context

Thank you for your cover story of July 26 on the PLO-Israeli conflict (Arafat’s PLO: Rebels With a Cause). I refer specifically to your description, brief as it was, of the historical context in which these events are occurring. Only a bigot would draw conclusions and form opinions on information taken out of context—and that is largely what we have been getting from the media on the Middle East conflict.
Battling over the ashes of Beirut 2627

Battling over the ashes of Beirut

Alia Abu Said and 11 members of her family fled to the Berbir Hospital in West Beirut last week when a phosphorus shell hit her two-storey shack in the Bourj el-Barajneh Palestinian camp on the city’s outskirts. Few doctors know how to treat phosphorus burns, but the Berbir’s Dr. Amal Shamaa did the best she could.
New blood wins in the pool 3637

New blood wins in the pool

The atmosphere was more like a prizefight than the quieter intensity of a world swimming championship. Out from under the stands and into the glare of the arc lights strode the eight competitors, draped in their full-length capes. As they made their way around the lip of the Alberto Vallarino pool the crowd whipped itself into a frenzy of nationalism: union jacks, stars and stripes, hammer and sickles and maple leafs were hoisted aloft on makeshift flagpoles.
The path of speculative temptation 3839

The path of speculative temptation

Closeted in the medieval tower of San Nicolo for the past three weeks, three bankers have been attempting to peer through the thick veil surrounding the Vatican’s finances. Their goal: to find out what happened to $1.4 billion (U.S.) of dubious loans that have raised serious doubts about the church’s banking habits, have sparked Italy’s second major bank collapse in eight years and apparently had been behind at least two suicides.
When spying spells chaos 89

When spying spells chaos

According to a media report of a few months ago, Solicitor General Robert Kaplan appears to favor the creation of a Canadian espionage agency, an idea also commented upon, with apparent authority and approval, by the McDonald commission (the commission set up to investigate the RCMP).
The fleet’s in-and up the creek 1213

The fleet’s in-and up the creek

HMCS Annapolis nosed into Quebec City harbor last Tuesday at the hands of a crew disgruntled because its Halifax leave had been abruptly shortened in order to chauffeur the minister of defence to a press conference. Gilles Lamontagne had himself helicoptered aboard the warship just downriver so that he could make a smiling entrance on the ship’s bridge to his home riding.
A guide to the peaceable kingdom 5657

A guide to the peaceable kingdom

Beirut is a mess. Iran and Iraq are at each other’s throats. NATO is falling apart over a Russian pipeline to Europe. The Bechtel Group owns the White House, and the real queens have been running Buckingham Palace. Only in our little oasis of sanity, Canada, does order and good government prevail.
Work for men with shovels 1213

Work for men with shovels

Tourists using the Alaska Highway through northern British Columbia and the Yukon have been both excited and alarmed by the weather reports in recent weeks. “The forecast calls for broken clouds at 7,000 feet and heavy smoke in some areas” is a frequent refrain.
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