September 13, 1982

Washington’s global policy shift 2829

Washington’s global policy shift

The signs had been obvious for months—in discreet, off-the-record briefings and in careful allusions during diplomatic discussions. But last week, interrupting his California vacation in the hills, Ronald Reagan made it stunningly official.
The world’s bankers look to a perilous future 3637

The world’s bankers look to a perilous future

Britain’s legendary economist John Maynard Keynes warned the world in 1944 that it might live to regret the day it allowed the newly created International Monetary Fund and World Bank to set up head-quarters in Washington, D.C. Both international institutions, he said, would become captives of the nearby state department—buffeted by the ideological breezes that periodically blow through the U.S. capital.
Roll over Chuck Berry, Beethoven is news 6061

Roll over Chuck Berry, Beethoven is news

While the Toronto Symphony’s brass section blares out the fanfare this week to open the new Roy Thomson Hall, the other members of the orchestra will have a few spare moments to survey their first new home in 59 years. What they will see is a beautifully appointed $39-million concert hall—with almost that much money in jewelry on display in the front rows, at the largest celebratory gathering of Toronto’s corporate and government elite since the opening of Toronto’s new city hall 17 years ago.
Falling into the safety net 3839

Falling into the safety net

In the 37 years of its existence, the IMF has come to the aid of more than 100 countries. It claims to have launched such suppliants as Indonesia on the road to prosperity. But struggling nations' problems are often too deeply rooted to respond to a single treatment.
A matter of taste 45

A matter of taste

I feel that the cover of the Aug. 30 issue (The Economy's Flash of Hope) was in poor taste, especially when one considers the variety of ideas created by such symbolism. The slash in the dollar sign resembles a missile or bullet, neither of which symbolizes anything close to “hope.”
Deng clinches his supremacy 2223

Deng clinches his supremacy

Five years ago China’s Deng Xiaoping sat uncomfortably on the rostrum of the 11th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. He had been allowed to return to prominence as a party vice-chairman, and the previous year’s campaign against him was condemned as the work of the Gang of Four, the group of zealots who tried to seize control of China when Mao Tsetung was dying.
Please, don’t shoot the messenger 89

Please, don’t shoot the messenger

Upon learning that her lover Mark Antony had married another woman, Cleopatra unleashed her wrath upon the messenger. “I’ll unhair thy head,” she told him. “Thou shalt be whipp’d with wire, and stew’d in brine, smarting in lingering pickle.”
A 6/5 grounding of Trudeau’s travels 12f13

A 6/5 grounding of Trudeau’s travels

For more than a month, Liberal strategists have argued that the prime minister’s planned junket through the Far East was political suicide and begged him to stay home. paign to pump new momentum into the flagging Six-and-Five restraint drive.
An old and new call to the polls 2021

An old and new call to the polls

The new boy and the dean of the premiers both thought deeply last week, came up with the same answer, and Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick both get elections this fall as a result. P.E.I. Premier James Lee, in office only 10 months, will lead his favored Conservatives to the polls on Sept. 27, while on Oct. 12 cosmopolitan Richard Hatfield, Tory ruler of New Brunswick for almost 12 years, defends his premiership for the third time.
In a land of spreading despair 6465

In a land of spreading despair

The most fashionable spot to be in Vancouver these days is on a once slummy industrial island that still contains a cement-mixing plant and a few other relics of ugliness. Granville Island, in the middle of False Creek, is a model of urban renewal: funky and charming.
A tempest in a treasure-house 12b12c

A tempest in a treasure-house

A fragment of the sphinx’s beard has spent the past few decades stored out of sight in the British Museum. Now, the Egyptians want it back. An 800-year-old Buddhist statue from Sri Lanka stands proudly on display, but the government of Sri Lanka has formally asked for its return.
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