September 20, 1982

The Menace of Everest 2627

The Menace of Everest

It was 5:30 a.m., the time when the mountain was supposed to be quiet. Ten Nepalese Sherpa porters, hired by the first Canadian team to attempt to climb Mount Everest, joined six Canadian climbers as they struggled to carry loads of equipment through the Khumbu Icefall—a tortuous, shattered glacier that guards the approaches to Everest.
Dead men telling tales 12hT1

Dead men telling tales

When U.S. cardiologist Michael Sabom read about the phenomena known as “near-death experiences" in 1976, his first reaction was that the claims seemed ridiculous. Still, to satisfy his curiosity, Sabom—then studying at the University of Florida—and a colleague decided to ask heart patients who had survived a close brush with death if they could recall anything extraordinary from the period when they were physically unconscious.
The Mexican dream suddenly sours 3435

The Mexican dream suddenly sours

To the dark-suited bankers assembled in Toronto last week, Mexico was clearly not behaving as a desperate nation should. It was bad enough that in the past few years the country had gone on a spending binge that had left it $80 billion (U.S.) in debt.
Jinxed in the jungle 1212a

Jinxed in the jungle

Along the boardwalk main street of Beiradão, a remote and rickety jungle town of pastel-painted shops and bars in northern Brazil, the signs of fading prosperity are everywhere. The pool tables and bars are mostly empty; the shops still offer cheap vinyl luggage and plastic shoes, but there are few buyers; and the prostitutes are getting one or two customers a night instead of the eight or 10 of a year ago.
On a roll toward an election 1617

On a roll toward an election

Although British Columbia’s economy continues to slide—181,000 workers were without jobs in August, the government faces a $l-billion deficit, and more walkouts by government employees loom—Premier William Bennett is on a roll. The slimmed-down Bennett (tennis three times a week) looks and sounds like a man in training for an election, which most pundits expect on Oct. 15.
A graveyard for archeological dreams T2053

A graveyard for archeological dreams

Along the dusty banks of Iraq’s Euphrates River, nine teams of Western archeologists are frantically digging in the sand in an effort to save priceless relics doomed by a massive dam that will flood the area next winter. In the bombed-out refugee camps in Tyre, in southern Lebanon, an expert team from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is probing the rubble left by Israeli warplanes.
A man’s card is not his castle 89

A man’s card is not his castle

It was in the midafternoon of his life that B. caught his first clear view of the castle. A letter had arrived, and when he opened it B. discovered that some unknown authority in the arcane world of banking had seen fit to bestow upon him his first charge card, unsolicited by him.
The sun rises on nationalism 2223

The sun rises on nationalism

On the opening day Chairman Hu Yaobang carefully reminded delegates to the Chinese Communist Party’s 12th congress in Peking of the historic fact that Japanese militarists have repeatedly unleashed wars of aggression on China. Then he added, “Some forces in Japan are whitewashing past facts and carrying out various activities in an attempt to revive Japanese militarism.”
Lamenting a world in tumult 3637

Lamenting a world in tumult

Tom Clausen, the bluff, no-nonsense American who heads the World Bank, was asked in Toronto last week if it is a safe bet that the flow of money from the rich countries to the poor will continue unabated over the next decade. “I don’t think anything is safe over the next decade,” he replied—and Clausen is considered an optimist.
Starring a schizophrenic 1011

Starring a schizophrenic

For two years Susan Sheehan, a staff writer for The New Yorker magazine, immersed herself in the netherworld of mental illness. Travelling between her tranquil home in Washington, D.C., and Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in New York City, Sheehan shared the life of a colorful and articulate schizophrenic whom she calls Sylvia Frumkin.
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