September 27, 1982

Labor’s Big Retreat 2829

Labor’s Big Retreat

For weeks workers on the line at the General Motors plant in Oshawa, Ont., had been wearing buttons instructing their union negotiators to STOP CONCESSIONS. Still, there was a collective sigh of relief when United Auto Workers Canadian Director Robert White announced a tentative agreement with the company last week, even though the pact fell far short of that demand.
The massacre in Lebanon 1819

The massacre in Lebanon

The rumors, dark and menacing, multiplied by the hour. Gradually, diplomats and others based in battle-scarred Beirut became convinced that a tragedy of some kind was taking place in the Palestinian refugee camps in the city’s western sector, overrun by Israeli troops last week.
Discord in Peace Park 89

Discord in Peace Park

On the gravel shores of Cameron Lake, in the western reaches of Waterton Lakes National Park, a visitor stands at the centre of a subalpine amphitheatre of Olympian proportions. To the right are the peaks of spruce, fir and pine that make up the continental divide.
The kids of summer head Down Under 4445

The kids of summer head Down Under

While professional sports in North America relentlessly followed their seasonal cycles this year, the rest of the world was bustling with 20 different global championships. Canada’s quest began when Gordon Singleton of Niagara Falls, Ont., won a gold medal at the World Cycling Championships in Leicester, England.
Grounding the Spaceship Earth 67

Grounding the Spaceship Earth

As ever, the Eastern Europeans have a joke for it. Behind the Iron Curtain, current wit goes as follows: Question: What is the New International Economic Order? Answer: The New International Economic Order is a system whereby poor people of rich countries give assistance to the rich people of poor countries.
Taking the bite out of FIRA 1415

Taking the bite out of FIRA

It was billed as a simple administrative shuffle that dealt a different face into a staid bureaucracy. But when Robert Richardson officially replaces Gorse Howarth as commissioner of the embattled Foreign Investment Review Agency next month, a behindthe-scenes shift in the federal approach to foreign investment will be sealed—at a time when international and domestic pressure to scrap the agency is mounting.
Inside Dome’s fragile empire 4041

Inside Dome’s fragile empire

The decision that turned Dome from the darling of the Canadian investment community into a four-letter word was taken at a dramatic confrontation during a private meeting in the energy giant’s Calgary headquarters on June 9, 1981. Around the boardroom table that day were Dome Chairman Jack Gallagher, President Bill Richards, Senior Vice-President (Finance) Peter Breyfogle, Toronto stockbroker Doug Mackay, Toronto lawyer Fraser Fell, former National Energy Board chairman Marshall Crowe and Calgary lawyer Mac Jones, who regularly collects $1 million a year in Dome legal fees.
Reagan salutes an anxious ally 2021

Reagan salutes an anxious ally

It was the question that official Washington had waited for. According to reports from Manila, Filipino President Ferdinand Marcos was dying of a lingering disease. Was this true, and did Marcos intend to name his wife, Imelda, to succeed him? The president stood before the National Press Club audience and laughed: “Does anyone want to try me in the ring? That’s ridiculous.”
Sweet dreams of the future 6465

Sweet dreams of the future

The world is too uncertain. Confusion reigns in the minds of the poor reader, buffeted by conflicting reports and incomprehensible detail. The ordinary citizen despairs, not knowing which way to turn. Some assistance is needed. Luckily, Dr. Fotheringay knows all.
America’s new daily 5051

America’s new daily

At first glance it seems surprising that Allen Neuharth is not the United States’ most influential media baron. As chairman and president of the Gannett Co., he controls more U.S. newspapers than anyone else—88 dailies, 32 weeklies—plus a news service, 13 radio stations and seven television outlets.
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