October 11, 1982


Germany after Schmidt


Societies under siege


Oasis of salvation in a world of sin

Germany after Schmidt 3233

Germany after Schmidt

For old time’s sake they let Rainer Barzel present the expulsion order. Ten years ago the balding, chunky Barzel, then leader of Germany’s conservative opposition, risked his career in a devious bid to unseat German Chancellor Willy Brandt and snatch the government leadership for himself.
Societies under siege T2T3

Societies under siege

“Public stress,” considered by health experts to be a disease peculiar to the 1980s, affects almost everyone: from the laid-off factory worker to the blue-chip investor; from the anxious five-year-old to the worried pensioner. Increasingly becoming a catch phrase among psychologists, sociologists, government service organizations and business people, public stress is thought to be responsible for the mounting numbers of suicides and heart attacks, drug and alcohol abuse and a rise in crime.
Oasis of salvation in a world of sin 1011

Oasis of salvation in a world of sin

It was during the Roaring ’20s that Bob Jones, a fire-and-brimstone evangelist, first decided that somebody had to protect the American public from bathtub gin and flapper skirts, from Darwin and the Charleston. To that end, Bob Jones founded an ultraconservative college for God-fearing young men and women, where there was no drinking, no smoking and absolutely no sex between consenting coeds.
The peaceful life or the fast lane? 2021

The peaceful life or the fast lane?

I’m afraid many Canadians see it as though we were administering a large city, but we see it as administering a province,” says the sturdy, soft-spoken man in the babyblue baize chair. He is Jim Lee, 45, and last week he won an election in his own right as premier of Prince Edward Island—a post he held for 10 months after the retirement of his Conservative predecessor, Angus MacLean.
Via cuts still hurt 16b16c

Via cuts still hurt

A year ago thousands of Canadians were writing to MPs and editors, signing petitions and carrying placards to protest the proposed elimination of a hefty 20 per cent of national passenger rail service. On Nov. 15,1981, despite a popular outcry and without the benefit of public hearings, the consent of Parliament or the full approval of the Canadian Transport Commission, Transport Minister Jean-Luc Pepin ordered 15 trains off the tracks and curtailed the service of another six.
One more push to rescue Candu 5051

One more push to rescue Candu

Almost from its inception, the Canadian nuclear industry has led a turbulent life. In the mid-1970s it had to scramble to survive a series of scandals involving shady construction deals made through foreign middlemen. Then, furious controversies erupted over the reactors’ heavy cost overruns.
Triple trouble for the Grits 1819

Triple trouble for the Grits

Both Willis St. Jean and Lawrence Sutherland look their 57 years. Since they started work at 14, they have weathered a world war and mining accidents and the everlasting cycle of boom times and bad times that is Northern Ontario life. But they were never unemployed until the nearby iron mine began temporary layoffs last July.
Backpedalling 45


While I was delighted to see coverage of my son’s gold-medal win at the World Cycling Championships (The Kids of Summer Head Down Under, Sports, Sept. 27), the article contains several factual errors. The first-race collision between Gordon Singleton and Koichi Nakano of Japan in the sprint final was ruled Nakano’s fault, not Gordon’s as you reported.
The debacle of Dome 4647

The debacle of Dome

For months the intimations of disaster seeped from the transoms of boardrooms in Calgary and Toronto: Dome Petroleum’s debts were out of control. The word was out and the word was “collapse”—but still the executives and their bankers conferred behind a curtain of secrecy and security.
Hitler’s haunting last laugh T617

Hitler’s haunting last laugh

It has been painful these past months to watch events in the Middle East unfold. The elements of moral parody there today are gruesome: Israel as a military juggernaut employing blitzkrieg tactics: making war and then dictating the terms of peace.
Have they ever lied to you before? 7273

Have they ever lied to you before?

The old way of doing things had not been working. There would be a royal commission, then a green paper, then hearings on the green paper, then a white paper, then hearings on the white paper, draft legislation, formation of a parliamentary committee, more hearings, legislation, and, finally, a royal commission on why the legislation didn’t work, followed by a green paper, and so on.
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