November 8, 1982

From a smugglers’ paradise comes hell 1213

From a smugglers’ paradise comes hell

Fierce looking men on horseback, rifles slung across their backs, saunter up and down the hot, dusty scar that is the main street of Landi Kotal, Pakistan. Looking up from their work, the blacksmith, druggist, iceman and dry-goods merchant stare out suspiciously from their hole-in-thewall shops, as if waiting for something to happen.
An addition to the saints 5657

An addition to the saints

In 1968 Lise Gauthier, a 21-year-old Quebec woman, was told by her doctor that she was dying of inoperable cancer of the colon. Her father, caretaker at the Congregation of Notre Dame convent in Montmagny, Que., asked the order to pray to its 17th-century founder, Blessed Marguérite Bourgeoys, on his daughter’s behalf.


It was a fitting occasion for a man who had just delivered an austere, hard-times message to the country. When Finance Minister Marc Lalonde invited 10 journalists to lunch last Friday, he dipped into his own wallet, served up five large pizzas, and uncapped a Labatt’s Party Case of beer.
Scoring winning points for Canadian football 20dT1

Scoring winning points for Canadian football

With the United States Football League (USFL) set to begin its operations and with disappointing attendance figures at Canadian Football League games, there is considerable conjecture as to the future of the CFL. Commissioner Jake Gaudaur discussed the future of the league with Maclean’s correspondent Marty York in the Toronto offices of the CFL.
Challenges to the compensation system 6263

Challenges to the compensation system

Terry Ryan went blind in a particularly grisly fashion. Only a few weeks after starting as a transformer cleaner at the Westinghouse plant in Hamilton, Ont., 23-year-old Ryan peered into a vat of what he thought was soap and water. As it turned out, there was also a powerful chemical solution in the suds, and when he shook the vat, the solvent exploded, blowing Ryan into the air in a mass of flames.
Unsuspecting victims of a collapsed economy 2627

Unsuspecting victims of a collapsed economy

For David Nickerson, the hardest part is maintaining his self-respect. After a lifetime spent working at various office jobs—with occasional stints on unemployment insurance during the grimmest periods—he has been forced to turn to welfare for the first time in his 53 years.
Canada confronts the robotics age 4445

Canada confronts the robotics age

Almost every day since it arrived in Fort Erie, Ont., from Britain two years ago, a bright red Merlin robot welder has performed much the same routine. Its electrical arc and hydraulic power pack humming, the robot arm swings and pivots a welder’s gun through a sometimes jerky, computer-controlled routine.
The Socialists conquer Spain 3435

The Socialists conquer Spain

It was the moment Spaniards had awaited—and the world had expected—for months. Outside the plush Palace Hotel thousands of ecstatic Madrilenos danced in the street, brandishing red roses, symbol of the victorious Socialist party. Inside, party leader Felipe González squeezed through another celebrating crowd to announce that the Socialists were ready to govern.
A sound track for flesh and fashion 7677

A sound track for flesh and fashion

The recording studio, a domain where dials and switches hold sway over animal impulses, is an incongruous milieu for Rough Trade, a band famous for dealing frankly with matters of the flesh. Lounging in a room dominated by technology at Toronto’s Manta Sound, Carole Pope is an attractively illogical creature with the features of a sculpted bird and the posture of a fish.
Snivelling still 45

Snivelling still

Intimidation Still, instead of Friends Again, would have been a far more appropriate cover line (Oct. 25). Americans, the greatest nationalists in the world, shake the big stick and Canadian politicians snivel, cower, pander and continue to sell out to them.
Changing the guard with a well-used broom 2829

Changing the guard with a well-used broom

With each stroke, the broom sweeping through the corridors of Ottawa moves closer to the office of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Tremors of anticipation shot through the capital last week when 45year-old superbureaucrat Michael Pitfield, Trudeau’s leading adviser and longtime confidant, announced his resignation.
War machines do not bring peace T421

War machines do not bring peace

About 20 km beyond Dire Straits, just after you cross the American border, is Missile Gap, U.S.A. A funny place, this Missile Gap. All winter long, while the U.S. defence budget is being prepared, its inhabitants can be heard baying in the streets, “The Russians are coming!
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