December 13, 1982

The Hambleton spy web 2425

The Hambleton spy web

When Laval University economist Hugh Hambleton took the stand in London’s venerable Old Bailey courthouse last week, he looked very much the academic on holiday. In a charcoal suit and hornrimmed glasses, his grey hair brushed forward to cover a bald spot, Hambleton showed no signs of nervousness, although his rapid speech and Canadian accent caused the court stenographer to scramble.
The world water crisis 4041

The world water crisis

In the Soviet Union there is an abundance of wild, tumbling rivers but, for human purposes, many of them flow in the wrong direction. Each year, as billions of tonnes of fresh water pour down the Ural Mountains and into the Arctic Ocean, the steppes of the central U.S.S.R. lie parched.
Trying to make a sad song better 89

Trying to make a sad song better

Two years after the assassination of her husband, John Lennon, Yoko Ono has just released her new album, It’s Alright. Maclean’s correspondent Daniel Burstein talked with the 19-year-old Ono in her palatial quarters in New York City's venerable Dakota apartments, where the rooms are filled with touching photos and memorabilia of the happy times before Mark David Chapman's bullets felled Lennon just outside the entrance to the building.
Tales for the computer generation 5657

Tales for the computer generation

Children’s books may seem a bit of an anachronism this season, when computer literacy is the catchphrase on everybody’s lips. Especially when getting kids home to watch television is a problem because the next-door neighbor has just bought a personal computer with optional videogames software.


Regarding your cover story The Future of Canadian Culture (Nov. 29): it is good to see our journalists giving expression to the country’s problems related to culture. We owe a debt to [Louis] Apple-baum and [Jacques] Hébert for reminding us that our greatest need is not study or structure but cultivation and natural growth of the basic elements in our country’s life and development.
A growing assault on Bouey’s resolve 3435

A growing assault on Bouey’s resolve

Jobs—and their accelerating disappearance—once again were the top issue across the land, but at Toronto’s Canadian Club last week there was not so much as a ripple of surprise when central bank Gov. Gerald Bouey broke some other news. In sombre tones he told the assembled luncheon guests that the Bank of Canada was formally abandoning the use of the M1—a measurement of cash in circulation and in chequing accounts as a means of setting target levels for the country’s money supply.
Shake hands and come out killing T213

Shake hands and come out killing

Up close it is a stunning sight, the men dancing and ducking, lips swollen, hair matted, skin slick and polished to a gloss. There is a shifting of weight, an advance of the bodies, a pause, a retreat. Finally, one or another finds what he is seeking—a few inches of exposed belly, an eye that can be poked, an unprotected cheek or nose.
The family comes first 2021

The family comes first

As always the bearing was regal, and, once again, friends, family and reporters stood mesmerized in his presence. Packed into a labor committee hearing room in the Dirksen office building on Capitol Hill, they watched him stride purposefully to the lectern, wait for the ovation to die, and then—his voice strong—read the 13-paragraph announcement.
Toyland rides out the recession 4849

Toyland rides out the recession

Jason Weese and Grant Miller lean across the electronic games counter at Merryland Toys in Toronto. The two 12-year-olds are a study in concentration. Oblivious to the prattle of toddlers, the squawks of windup toys and the wary gaze of a nearby clerk, the boys are debating the salient characteristics of Frogger and Pac-Man, two of this year’s hottest new tabletop computer games.
The nearsighted Tory Incarnate 6465

The nearsighted Tory Incarnate

A person who is not in favor of euthanasia, seal pup harvesting or being unkind to Girl Guides can only weep. One who supports blood drives, endangered species and mother’s milk has nothing else to do but put one’s head down in repose. Those of us who favor a swift return of a Conservative government—as the only chance of democracy being revivified in this constipated nation—can only watch and smite our brows in angst.
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