January 17, 1983

The coming old-age crisis 2425

The coming old-age crisis

A 71-year-old woman splashes in the water for the New Year’s Day Polar Bear swim in Vancouver; in Moose Jaw, Sask., 80-year-olds learn to swim for the first time in a program called XYZ (Extra Years of Zest). More than a dozen retired professionals take part in a Seniors Think Tank in Winnipeg—a sort of greying Club of Rome— and send their ideas to governments and conferences.
An urgent question of trust 3233

An urgent question of trust

It was a move unprecedented in the annals of Canadian commerce. First, there was the growing controversy over a bizarre series of transactions last November that resulted in the sale of nearly 11,000 Toronto apartment units for an estimated $500 million to unnamed Saudi investors.
A salesman and his holiday 1011

A salesman and his holiday

On the same day that Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau plugged the virtues of Canadian high-tech companies in Thailand, he also toured the fabled temple of the Emerald Buddha and the fantastic golden curlicued domes of the Grand Palace. Later, Trudeau nibbled chateaubriand and sweet water lobster and marvelled as graceful Thai performers swayed through a delicate lotus dance.
Andropov’s peace offering 1617

Andropov’s peace offering

There were few visible clues on the streets of Prague last week that a “momentous meeting” was about to take place. There were only a few flags, extra “no parking” signs, more policemen, and a statement on television news that “the voice of peace is about to ring out from the capital.”
Arabian might to the rescue 3435

Arabian might to the rescue

If a friend in need is a friend indeed, then France has just forged a bosom buddyship with Saudi Arabia. With foreign exchange reserves hemorrhaging at an alarming clip, the trade deficit hovering in the $18-billion range and the franc flagging anemically behind the dollar and the deutsche mark, the Socialist government of François Mitterrand has never been more desperate.
A cardinal sin to be atoned 9b9

A cardinal sin to be atoned

Once, in conversation with Mordecai Richler, I suggested that if special-interest groups continued to proliferate, we would soon have a group demanding necrophiliac rights. Such a group might send out cards to relatives named in obituaries asking for access to the deceased through a simple message like, “Don’t be selfish: share.”
Lead tigers in the tank 4243

Lead tigers in the tank

The gleaming white pumps of the Beddington Co-op service station on Calgary’s Simons Valley Drive brim with four kinds of fuel. “But this one’s our number 1 best seller,” says station manager Ron Goosen, pointing beyond the regular and premium unleaded gas and the diesel fuel to the pump of leaded gas.
Curbing the wife-beaters 4041

Curbing the wife-beaters

For Canadian women, 1982 heralded a victory as the public became increasingly aware of the problem of domestic violence against women. But it was, at best, a modest victory, shaped as much by the widely publicized, flip reactions of some male politicians as by progressive government reports and recommendations.
A crippled city awaits a rescue 67

A crippled city awaits a rescue

Few cities have preserved their traditional living patterns as well as the ancient community of Fez in northern Morocco. During its 1,200-year existence, soldiers, sultans and traders have all left their mark on what is one of the great cities of Islam.
Ladies-in-waiting, beware 5657

Ladies-in-waiting, beware

In the Sweat Suit Society all the world becomes a gym. One cannot venture out on the street unless clad in the Technicolor robes of what football players used to wear in practice. Hostesses at swish parties garb themselves in formless athletic outfits with monograms initialled above the heart.
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