January 24, 1983

Creating a new economy 1819

Creating a new economy

Donald Macdonald, six feet, five inches’ worth of Toronto lawyer, towered above the academics gathered around him. The former federal finance minister was appearing at the University of Toronto last week to make his first speech as chairman of the new royal commission on the economy.
Legal aid squeeze for the nouveau poor 4445

Legal aid squeeze for the nouveau poor

When Leslie Stevenson was living in Ontario three years ago, he was able to obtain legal aid for a trial, because he was poor and receiving welfare payments. But now, although he is still on welfare, he has been left stranded by the B.C. legal aid system.
The 1930s nightmare revisited 2223

The 1930s nightmare revisited

The past few months have begun to bring home to all the Western nations not only the gravity of the world recession but the extent to which each nation depends on others for its recovery. This no longer means just the familiar fact that the U.S. economy affects all other economies: the prosperity of the United States itself is now dependent on other countries—including many in the Third World.
The price of salesmanship 1011

The price of salesmanship

It was a journey haunted by the ageold problem of man’s inhumanity to man. As Pierre Trudeau struggled through the second hectic week in his 18-day tour of seven Far East nations, the list of his destinations became a geopolitical litany of Amnesty International offenders.
The trust quagmire deepens 3233

The trust quagmire deepens

Events appeared to be closing in last week on financier Leonard Rosenberg and other key players in the controversial November sale of some 11,000 Toronto apartment units to unnamed Saudi investors. Their rapidly fashioned financial empires were shaken earlier this month when the Ontario government seized the assets of two Rosenberg-controlled firms, Crown Trust Co. and Greymac Trust Co., as well as another firm involved in the deal, Seaway Trust Co., owned by Andrew Markle.
Lead us or leave, prime minister 89

Lead us or leave, prime minister

Dear Prime Minister: Canada has long needed a leader with the tact, skill, compassion and diplomacy essential to sell what has been for millions the bitter medicine of inflation and recession. Instead, we have had a leader who has vacillated over confrontation, is arrogant and patronizingly condescending.
Stress in the recession 4243

Stress in the recession

That is not the future that Gary Drake, a 26-year-old Sudbury, Ont., native, envisioned for himself when he graduated from university four years ago. Last October, Drake, along with 1,100 other employees at Sudbury’s Falconbridge nickel mines, was laid off.
The bureaucracy of jobs 1415

The bureaucracy of jobs

The numbers abound. As the nation sags under an official unemployment rate of 12.8 per cent, the federal government has fought back with a creative barrage of job creation statistics. One fairy-tale forecast predicted as many as 460,000 new jobs within the decade.
Working on their handicaps 3839

Working on their handicaps

What Canada’s repeated failures in engaging the Soviets on ice floes get down to is this: if you get highly paid for hardly working, why work hard? It has become the fashion for National Hockey League thinkers, many of them, to set aside the Soviet games as meaningless.
The ski industry hits a downhill slide 4041

The ski industry hits a downhill slide

An erratic winter which has buried Jerusalem in snow and defrosted Moscow has not been kind to the downhill ski industry in eastern North America. Determined skiers have been stepping off chair lifts only to look down on slopes of artificial snow strewn with rocks, grass and ice.
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