January 31, 1983

Winnipeg’83: Joe Clark on trial 1415

Winnipeg’83: Joe Clark on trial

It will take only 90 minutes to decide the political fate of Joe Clark this week. Friday evening 2,500 Progressive Conservatives from across Canada will form 30 long lines on the concrete floor of the Winnipeg Convention Centre for a vote that will determine not only the future of their 43-year-old leader but the ability of their bitterly divided party to reunite and offer Canadians an attractive alternative to a long succession of Liberal governments.
More than just a political wife 2425

More than just a political wife

After addressing a Toronto riding association luncheon last week, Maureen McTeer was ap proached by an admirer. “I hope you’ll be in Winnipeg next week,” he said. “Joe needs to have all his guns out.” Already moving on, McTeer said over her shoulder, “I don’t like guns.”
Clark: the politics of leadership 2223

Clark: the politics of leadership

Maclean’s: I would like to know how you feel about going to Winnipeg. Is it like facing an exam? Is it like having a headache? Clark: You tempt me to say it’s like having a headache. I would be very pleased to have it over with. It’s a preoccupation for me and for the party.
The Afghan exiles' agony 67

The Afghan exiles' agony

Shortly after noon the cold wind sweeps down from the hills with startling force. It whips flags, lashes tent flaps, and rattles piles of empty kerosene cans. A thick, milky dust rises like a tidal wave and surges across the plain, making thousands of turbanned people run for cover.
Images of a Depraved New World 89

Images of a Depraved New World

A man and a woman walk down a city street at 2 a.m. in a not very nice neighborhood. A car stops across the street. Someone in the car calls out. He wants to talk to the man. The man leaves the woman standing by herself on the sidewalk and crosses the street to the car.
Apple upstages its rivals 3435

Apple upstages its rivals

In its short dynamic life, the personal computer industry has catapulted itself to the leading edge of the information revolution. Since Apple Computer Inc. of California appeared on the scene in 1977 with the first highly successful microcomputer, competition for a share of the burgeoning North American, European and Asian markets has grown steadily more fierce.
The new physics takes a hard tumble 4243

The new physics takes a hard tumble

Baffling though it is to any layman first hearing it, the announcement electrified the world's physicists last week: “After 80 days of searching—or 2.4 x 1032 proton years— we have observed no events consistent with proton decay.” What excited the scientists gathered at physics conferences in Miami and Rome was the realization that the statement may have jeopardized the work of a generation of physicists by suggesting that the Grand Unified Theories (GUTs)—that ambitious visionary quest to discover unity among the forces of nature—may turn out to be a house of cards.
Who’s who in Winnipeg 1819

Who’s who in Winnipeg

Brian Mulroney: Although the silvertongued Irish Quebecker staged an elaborate declaration of loyalty to party leader Joe Clark last December, Mulroney is seen by many as the Conservative party’s prince-in-waiting. His unexpected endorsement came after a seven-month, cross-country speaking tour, which did as much to raise the 43-yearold Mulroney’s profile as it did to raise party funds.
The relentless growth in private cops 4849

The relentless growth in private cops

When a United Steelworkers local in Etobicoke, Ont., discovered last February that a private security firm had infiltrated the union’s membership, Ontario labor leaders were concerned and last fall they issued an urgent call for legislation to curb the powers of Canada’s growing armies of security police.
The battle for arms control 2627

The battle for arms control

With the new year scarcely a month old, the dominant issue in international affairs has already become clear. It is arms control— specifically, whether modernized, theatre nuclear weapons will be deployed in Europe during 1983. That deployment—464 cruise missiles and 108 Pershing Ils—was ordained by NATO in 1979.
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