February 21, 1983

The Law and Conrad Black 2627

The Law and Conrad Black

The elegant two-storey building on a discreet downtown side street houses much more than just another business empire. Behind the neoclassical facade at 10 Toronto St., Conrad Black has become almost a mythical figure at the pinnacle of the Canadian corporate establishment.
Stirring the sweet scent of recovery 3637

Stirring the sweet scent of recovery

The worst, it seems, is over. At last, after months of agonizing and false hopes, the longest and deepest world recession since the Great Depression appears to be ending. The signs of recovery are still modest, hidden in the arcane graphs of leading economic indicators.
The fall of Ariel Sharon 1617

The fall of Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon’s bulky frame, defiant wave and politician’s smile dominated the world’s television screens last week. For some observers, the fate of Israel’s hawkish, belligerent defence minister would reflect either the best or the worst of the Israeli state itself: its sensitive conscience or its defiant militarism.
A toehold for profit-making hospitals 4243

A toehold for profit-making hospitals

The move was scarcely noticed by patients and staff in the corridors of the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital. But when a troubleshooting new administrator representing a private U.S.-based management corporation set up shop in the hospital last month, the effects spread far beyond the 116-bed institution near Ottawa.
Harvesting crude information 67

Harvesting crude information

The bold, blue Prairie sky is clear. The air is still and quiet, except for the occasional scream of metal scraping against metal from an oil rig planted on a frozen piece of farmland near Big Valley, Alta., the scene of a rumored oil find about 200 km northeast of Calgary.
How to make Marc Lalonde a hero 89

How to make Marc Lalonde a hero

That Canada’s economy is in an appalling state is one thing that most of us would agree about. Finance Minister Marc Lalonde has an opportunity to right many of the economic wrongs created by the previous two budgets of his predecessor, Allan MacEachen.
The NDP jumps off to a head start 1011

The NDP jumps off to a head start

Until the Progressive Conservatives plunged into their divisive leadership crisis last month, the New Democrats constituted only a dispirited, sometimes ineffective band of 32 MPs in the House of Commons. Popular support for the party had plummetted from a heady 26 per cent of decided voters in February, 1982, to a dismal 20 per cent last month, according to the Gallup poll.
And the fans slumber on 4849

And the fans slumber on

There is nothing wrong with hockey’s annual all-star game that an all-stations blackout—or 39 more Wayne Gretzkys, provided at least two of them are goaltenders— won’t cure. The 35th all-star game came up groping for oxygen in the Nassau Veterans’ Memorial Coliseum on Long Island the other night, and, honestly folks, talk about confusion.
Unemployable? 45


In an open letter addressed to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (Lead Us or Leave, Prime Minister, Column, Jan. 24), Dian Cohen makes certain accusations that do not bear up under scrutiny. She points out that the prime minister remarked that the unemployed are in the “front ranks of a new leisure class.”
The book that never was 5657

The book that never was

Everything in the world is interconnected. McLuhan’s global village shrinks with each year. Klaus Barbie intrudes on our personal lives 30 years after he disappeared. Tom Ardies was a good and manic reporter for The Vancouver Sun in its golden years in the 1950s when it was run in lavish, eccentric style by the millionaire Cromie brothers.
The foreign banks’ setback 3839

The foreign banks’ setback

There is a tinge of bitterness in the voice of Larry Chamberlin, the 40-year-old president of the Morgan Bank of Canada. Discussing the institution’s performance since it opened for business as a Canadian chartered bank in October, 1981, his prognosis is gloomy.
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