March 7, 1983

John le Carré’s trail of terror 4647

John le Carré’s trail of terror

The remote cliff-top house confronts the Atlantic Ocean on the southwest tip of England, a world away from the sour heroism and shabby deceits of international espionage. Its spacious, exquisite drawing room could be the retreat of an 18th-century nobleman, a collector of Old Master drawings and oriental lamps.


DIED: U.S. playwright Thomas Lanier (Tennessee) Williams, 71, in Manhattan ( page 63). DIED: Sir Adrian Boult, 93, the distinguished English conductor who championed the music of his countrymen Ralph Vaughan Williams, Edward Elgar, Gustav Holst and William Walton; after a long illness, in a nursing home near London.
The world according to Yamani 3233

The world according to Yamani

It had the markings of a feat of political genius worthy of his reputation as the Bismarck of crude. Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani appeared to be on the verge last week of pulling OPEC back from the brink of chaos and reassembling the broken cartel into an economic force even more powerful than before.
A paradise haunted by dark fears 89

A paradise haunted by dark fears

Confucius died 2,500 years ago but he is experiencing a popular rebirth in the tiny island republic of Singapore. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, whose personal efforts to emulate the Confucian model of a benevolent yet authoritarian scholar and ruler are no secret, has called for a national campaign to teach Confucian precepts in the schools and to popularize Confucian morality in the press and in government institutions.
The holiday industry’s winter of chaos 4243

The holiday industry’s winter of chaos

For the past year, consumers have been the only winners in the dogfights that have bloodied the ferociously competitive Canadian travel industry. But last week some of the spoils that travellers had won from recent airline price wars were almost whisked away.
Uncommon scent of scandal 1415

Uncommon scent of scandal

Despite determined Liberal efforts to change the subject, the Gillespie-Lalonde affair dominated the House of Commons for the second week running as opposition MPs pressed for the resignation of Finance Minister Marc Lalonde—and he once again refused.
Gallagher’s farewell to Dome 3435

Gallagher’s farewell to Dome

His sudden, disarming grin earned him the sobriquet “Smilin’ Jack.” But last week Jack Gallagher’s winning smile did not soften the harsh impact of the occasion. In a brief press release the 66-year-old entrepreneur from Winnipeg announced that he will step down as Dome Petroleum’s chief executive officer at an upcoming shareholders’ meeting.
Campaigning on guns and butter 2425

Campaigning on guns and butter

The rival political arguments leading up to Sunday’s federal election were proclaimed in slogans that no West German voter could fail to understand. Social Democrat (SPD) leader Hans-Jochen Vogel repeatedly stressed that he was acting “in German interests.”
Distrust across the border 3839

Distrust across the border

They contain no nudity, sex or violence, but two National Film Board documentary films on acid rain and another on nuclear war were victims of an unusual form of blacklisting in Washington last week. In a move designed to monitor the U.S. screenings of two Environment Canada-sponsored films, Acid Rain:
The high mullah of heartbreak 12h13

The high mullah of heartbreak

Giovanni Vigliotto is a hefty man who claims to have married 105 women, and in his story, some would say, you can find everything that has gone wrong with America. It is quite all right to have married two, three or six women, but 105 is excessive—it is a greedy and wasteful number of women to have married, a number suggesting woeful loss of perspective and cavalier disregard for natural resources, a number so impossibly avaricious that passers-by surely will insist that this fellow, this middle-aged Vigliotto, could operate nowhere but in a country that developed fruit-flavored underwear and the motorized surfboard.
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