March 28, 1983



There is no heart in the deluge of seasonally adjusted statistics. There is no evocation of hopelessness as the figures emerge with numbing regularity. The headline proclaiming 1.58 MILLION JOBLESS does not capture the despair of dreams destroyed.
Queen Elizabeth 45

Queen Elizabeth

Your cloying panegyric Her Enduring Majesty (Cover, March 14) probably sent spasms of delight through dedicated monarchists. But unrepentant antiroyalists look to the day when the majority gets weary of the artificial excitement and the institution goes quietly, or just goes!
Winning friends and influencing Tories 1011

Winning friends and influencing Tories

When Brian Mulroney decided to launch his bid for the Conservative leadership this week on the same day as John Crosbie, he took the unusual step of calling Crosbie to apologize. More than just a courtesy call, the gesture was symptomatic of the crafty politicking behind the scenes in the Tory leadership race.
New austerity for the Saudis 2425

New austerity for the Saudis

The sale was on, and women shrouded in black veils swarmed around a children’s clothing stall at the souq (market) in Jiddah, looking for the best buys. Across town the local manager of a European airline marvelled that his Saudi clientele, which once routinely booked first-class seats, now bargains for excursion fares.
Firming up the mattress industry 8d9

Firming up the mattress industry

Things have come to a pretty pass in the banking business in Canada, and only one thing can save it: the Bank of Canada will have to become a real bank and start giving out daily-interest-bearing accounts and books of matches. Consider the present situation.
No room for the disabled 4445

No room for the disabled

Even as the Stephen Dawson case came to an emotional conclusion, the major figure in Canada’s other recent legal furore over the rights of the handicapped struggled to get his new life in order. In November severely handicapped 20-year-old Justin Clark won a highly publicized battle with his parents for the right to move into a group home from the large Rideau Regional Centre near Ottawa where he had lived for most of his life.
The master of tranquillity 5253

The master of tranquillity

In the tumult and splendor of 19th-century French painting, the achievement of Henri Fantin-Latour has been largely overlooked. Art historians,dazzled by the fireworks of impressionism, realism and symbolism, have paid little attention to a lesser luminary whose work does not quite fit into the great modern movements.
The art of papering the recession 5657

The art of papering the recession

We are all victims of the Saturday afternoon movie, helpless slaves to the oat operas of our youth, Gene Autry and Champion and Roy Rogers and Trigger and Red Ryder and Tom Mix and whoever kissed the horse rather than the girl. Who would have thunk that all this slopped-over film fantasy would be responsible for a world event of art, a happening that has produced a mile-square “three-dimensional painting” that may put Alberta on the kulchur map?
A murder mystery still unsolved 88a

A murder mystery still unsolved

The citizens of Atlanta, Ga., could scarcely have been more relieved on Feb. 27, 1982, when Wayne Williams, a pudgy, 23-year-old self-styled photographer and music promoter, was convicted of murder. Although a jury of three men and nine women found him guilty of two killings only—those of Nathaniel Cater, 27, and Jimmy Ray Payne, 21—police and prosecutors used the verdict to close the files on all but three of the 29 killings attributed to Atlanta’s “child murderer.”
Washington takes the initiative 1819

Washington takes the initiative

Above the rubble-strewn streets of Berlin, the Stars and Stripes fluttered last week from a pole next to the flag of El Salvador. Refugee laborers worked to repair the devastation that resulted when government troops retook the city from Salvadoran rebels after a series of deadly skirmishes.
Behind the polished profile 2627

Behind the polished profile

Because of his push-button smile and the ham-actor resonance of his voice, Brian Mulroney, who declared himself a contender for the Tory leadership this week, has seldom been considered a serious political thinker. Those who have vaguely followed his career—from electrician’s son in Baie Comeau to gold-spurred member of the Montreal Establishment—have casually dismissed his ideological stance as Mount Royal Club chic.
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