April 4, 1983

The ultimate weapons race 2829

The ultimate weapons race

It promised at first to be just a routine pitch for a larger military budget. When President Ronald Reagan commandeered the three major U.S. networks for a 32-minute talk on the night of March 23, he devoted most of the airtime rehearsing his now-familiar themes: the Soviet arms buildup, the increasing strength of the left in Central America, and the urgent need to rearm the United States.
Space wars’ new weaponry 3233

Space wars’ new weaponry

President Ronald Reagan’s startling announcement that the United States intends to explore the use of lasers, microwave devices, particle beams and projectile beams as defensive weapons shocked many Canadians with its suggestion of space combat and Star Wars gadgetry.
A medley of views 45

A medley of views

Your exposition on divorce (Coming to Terms with Divorce, Cover, March 21) is indeed informative. However, it includes a medley of views that cannot be substantiated by empirical evidence. The vast array of opinions given inevitably leads to your conclusion that “the new divorce statistics are a reflection of prevailing social attitudes.”
Setting sail for America’s Cup 4445

Setting sail for America’s Cup

In 1851 Capt. Richard Brown of New York City brought his pilot schooner, America, smartly around the Isle of Wight ahead of a dozen or so British ships in a friendly race for a silver cup donated by Prince Albert. As the result became apparent, Queen Victoria reportedly remarked, “It’s America’s Cup.”
How Alcan endured the recession 3839

How Alcan endured the recession

The sting of recession was felt last week by the 47,000 shareholders of Alcan Aluminium Ltd. In sombre tones David Culver, the 58-yearold president and chief executive officer of the Montreal-based company, told a packed annual meeting that the aluminum-producing colossus had lost money last year for the first time in 50 years.
A new wave of diets T852a

A new wave of diets

Before the current recession began, it was not surprising that a fad like the two-year-old Beverly Hills Diet topped the best-seller lists by trumpeting the slimming powers of pineapples and other exotic, costly fruit. Now, however, the new F-Plan Diet, which features a high-fibre carbohydrate intake, apparently provides the right mix of weighty promises and slender food prices for economyravaged citizens.
Anatomy of a Missouri nightmare 1011

Anatomy of a Missouri nightmare

His name, ironically, was Russell Bliss, and he earned his living as a hauler of industrial waste. Eleven years ago, driving his truck through rural communities in eastern Missouri, Bliss was hired to spray waste oil on dirt roads and on the floors of horse barns to suppress dust.
The glorious trappings of battle 5455

The glorious trappings of battle

Henry VIII of England, tough on wives and an equally hard master of men, is larger than life even in the driest of historical writings. To come upon him almost in the flesh in the centre of Treasures From the Tower of London, on exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto until June 19, is to experience a shock of recognition that erases the four long centuries since his death.
Enough to gag Her with a spoon T413

Enough to gag Her with a spoon

The royal acolyte who arranged Queen Elizabeth II’s tour of California must lead a glum and cautious life, for this was a vacation of unparalleled inertia, of high anxiety and low expectations—a trip that almost certainly will not prompt Her Majesty to gaze dreamily at the color photos and sigh, “Gee, Phil, we ought to do that again sometime.”
Everest revisited 1212a

Everest revisited

When 33-year-old Calgarian Laurie Skreslet became the first Canadian to reach the summit of the world’s highest peak, many Canadians shared vicariously in his conquest of Mount Everest. Now, six months after the heroic achievement, as Skreslet and members of the Canadian Mount Everest expedition tour the country making speeches, new light has been shed on the tensions and the turmoil that characterized the tragedymarred $l-million expedition.
Who really shot the Pope? 2425

Who really shot the Pope?

From the beginning it has been a tale almost too fantastic to credit. But the web of evidence linking the Soviet Union to the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II assumed new strength last week. According to a detailed report in The New York Times, a Bulgarian defector told authorities in France that the Soviet KGB ordered the Durzhavna Sigurnost, the Bulgarian secret police, to assassinate the Pope.
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