April 11, 1983


Thunder from the Tory right


Watchman of modern sex, art and evil


The guest-worker crisis

Thunder from the Tory right 1819

Thunder from the Tory right

They bristle at the name redneck, preferring to call themselves the true defenders of conservatism. With an almost messianic zeal they declare that their mission is to lead the errant Progressive Conservative party back into the fold.
Watchman of modern sex, art and evil 6667

Watchman of modern sex, art and evil

ARARAT By D.M. Thomas
The guest-worker crisis 89

The guest-worker crisis

As thousands of striking autoworkers milled outside the Renault plant in the Paris suburb of Flins, a French TV camera swept the sea of protest to reveal a seething mass of North African anger. Then, panning over placards, the lens zoomed in on an unlikely prop—a copy of the Koran, Islam’s holy book, waved aloft by a Moroccan welder.
Reagan’s new arms offer 3435

Reagan’s new arms offer

Twice in the space of a few days last month U.S. President Ronald Reagan fuelled worldwide controversy with his strongly held views and hard-line policies on nuclear warfare. In a speech to evangelical church leaders in Orlando, Fla., he denounced Soviet Communism as the “focus of evil in the modern world” and urged the nation’s churchmen not to treat the arms race as a “giant misunderstanding.”
The unemployed 45

The unemployed

Your cover story of March 28, Out of Work, made me feel normal for the first time in a long time. I really thought that I was going crazy. Having been unemployed for the past year, I found it easy to relate to each person who was interviewed, regardless of age.
A rough-and-ready delegate fight 2425

A rough-and-ready delegate fight

In scenes reminiscent of the Duplessis era of low-life Quebec politics, a new breed of instant Tories has been spawned in the fight for Quebec’s 700 delegates. The main contest is between supporters of Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney. Some of the participants are children, others have been recruited from a men’s hostel.
This land is whose land? 16b17

This land is whose land?

There was no missing it. Every television channel featured clips of native people beating drums and smoking the peace pipe with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau together with ringing accounts of how the white man had done the natives in. It all came to a crescendo of hysteria on CBC’s The Journal.
Medicare suffers another setback 5051

Medicare suffers another setback

Over the past decade attempts by doctors to beat a direct pathway to their patients’ pockets have left Canada’s public health systems badly bruised. But last week medicare suffered what appeared to be a serious blow as Alberta announced that in October it will slap a $20-a-day “user fee” on its hospitals.
Uncertainty in the Beaufort Sea 4445

Uncertainty in the Beaufort Sea

Alone black raven circled silently overhead, its long wings cutting slow, determined arcs in the bitterly cold air. Below, the object of the bird’s curiosity jutted up 45 m from the frozen surface of the Beaufort Sea. Seemingly unimpressed by the derrick rising from an artificial oil-drilling island 64 km from land, the bird continued its flight across the desolate expanse of ice.
A wilderness preserved 3233

A wilderness preserved

It was wartime, and Seattle’s aircraft industry was hungry for power. Under the circumstances, a proposal to raise the Ross Dam in British Columbia’s picturesque Skagit Valley to produce more electricity won quick approval from the International Joint Commission (IJC), which arbitrates cross-border issues.
Baseball’s Blue Jays flutter to life 5657

Baseball’s Blue Jays flutter to life

When the Toronto Blue Jays left their Florida spring training camp this week to open the 1983 season in Boston, the team bore little resemblance to any of its predecessors since it was born in 1977. A growing maturity has replaced youth. Optimism has taken the place of confidence.
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