April 18, 1983

Hard times in Canada’s Lotus Land 1415

Hard times in Canada’s Lotus Land

It was a fitting scene for an election call. When British Columbia Premier William Bennett strode confidently before the microphones last week to ask the electorate for a “strong and enduring mandate,” he chose to do it in Robson Square, the glass-and-steel complex in the heart of Vancouver which is the city’s architectural homage to West Coast progress and well-heeled sophistication.
At the heart of madness 12dT1

At the heart of madness

On the evening of July 17, 1974, Charles Decker, 23, from Massachusetts, picked up two hitchhiking girls for a joyride in his convertible. The carefree mood was soon shattered when the man unaccountably attacked the girls with a stonemason’s hammer, fracturing their skulls.
Socialism in a tailspin 2627

Socialism in a tailspin

Finance Minister Jacques Delors has no sympathy for his countrymen’s anger at being forced to spend their summer vacations in France. Come holiday time, the no-nonsense architect of the country’s draconian new austerity package likes nothing better than to retreat to his modest country house to ply his skills as a handyman.
A showcase of consumer emancipation 1011

A showcase of consumer emancipation

There is a store display along Peking’s Wangfuging Street that never fails to attract passers-by. A window topped by a purple canopy inscribed with white letters that spell out “Seiko” showcases the latest in designer timepieces.
Bambi’s kin 45

Bambi’s kin

Concerning your article One Last Fling on the Floes? (Canada, March 14), I must strenuously object to the word conservationist being used to describe the groups aligned against the seal hunt. Conservationists know the value of trapping and hunting as tools in the management of a renewable natural resource—wildlife.
The expansionary designs of Dylex 4041

The expansionary designs of Dylex

At first glance the two executives appear to be an unlikely corporate team. Seated in the finely appointed confines of his Toronto office, James Kay, the 60-year-old chairman of Dylex Ltd., seems to harbor a sense of mirth that, despite serious moments, constantly threatens to erupt into a flash of wit.
The tune of a nation 2223
Like father, just a little like son

The tune of a nation

William Kempling is a big, friendly MP who owns a truck parts company in Hamilton, Ont. He prides himself on keeping one foot in the business world. When he was home from Ottawa last week, he met an old associate for coffee and conversation. “I think I can see a little blue sky up there, Bill,” the friend said.
A business empire unravels 4243

A business empire unravels

On the edge of downtown Calgary there is a prominent reminder of the troubles plaguing Peter Pocklington’s business empire. Just across an empty lot from the local high rollers’ 400 Club is a crimson brick building completed last year by Pocklington’s Patrician Land Corp.
Reagan’s setback on defence 3232a

Reagan’s setback on defence

Shortly before Congress recessed for Easter, President Ronald Reagan pressured Senate budget committee Chairman Pete Domenici to defer action on the administration’s proposed fiscal 1984 budget. The reason was that the House of Representatives had already voted to slash the president’s request for an extra 10 per cent in military spending to less than three per cent.
Will Lalonde confront reality? T613

Will Lalonde confront reality?

One year ago, with the true unemployment rate in Canada at 10.6 per cent of the labor force (more than 1.2 million people) and with 18 per cent of the country’s young people out of work, it was conventional wisdom to suggest that the obscene degree of social disfranchisement was caused by the recession.
Taking defeat in stride 89

Taking defeat in stride

These are times of lonely frustration for Allan Blakeney, but he masks his feelings well. From his modest legislature office—with its view of the rear parking lot—the former Saskatchewan premier talks, with an almost disarming lack of remorse, about his government’s crushing defeat in the April 26, 1982, provincial election.
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