April 25, 1983



It was late at night Tuesday April 12. Eight members of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) gathered for an emergency meeting in a downtown Toronto office tower and they faced a weighty question: should they prosecute prominent financier Conrad Black?
Thorn Bird lovers 45

Thorn Bird lovers

Referring to your review of The Thorn Birds (An Eternity of Guilt and Suffering, Television, March 28), I feel I must protest strongly against the reviewer’s arrogant opinions. By inflicting upon your readers his much misguided view of the film, he may have caused some people to forgo seeing what was, in my view, a superb production.
The charter’s quiet legal revolution 5051

The charter’s quiet legal revolution

A Calgary woman was caught redhanded with hashish but she won acquittal because her arrest was ruled unjust. In Quebec a judge struck down parts of a six-year-old language law as an unreasonable breach of citizens’ rights. A judge in Newfound-land impugned the power of a wildlife officer to search a home without a warrant.
Taking the CDIC-measure for measure 4041

Taking the CDIC-measure for measure

Last December, Senator Jacob Austin told a Commons standing committee that the government’s two wholly owned aircraft companies— Canadair Ltd. and de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd.—faced severe financial problems. Still, as the minister responsible for a new multibillion-dollar holding company that embraces Canadair and de Havilland, Austin defended the federal decision to pump $200 million into each firm.
Sex and the bottom line 1011

Sex and the bottom line

Playboy Publisher Hugh Hefner, 57, shrugs off charges that his magazine is pornographic and that the bunny costumes worn by waitresses in Playboy clubs are degrading to women, but the sharp protests this year over the airing of Playboy-produced erotic material on Canadian pay television rattled the wrought iron gates of his 5.5-acre Beverly Hills, Calif, estate.
A job program in jeopardy 1617

A job program in jeopardy

The spring sitting of Parliament got off to a miserable start for Employment Minister Lloyd Axworthy. He came to work sore all over after an overly ambitious run during a weekend charity marathon in Winnipeg. His first news was the report that the unemployment rate rose for the third consecutive month to a discouraging level of 12.6 per cent.
The friends of Mackasey 1415

The friends of Mackasey

On most occasions, Liberal MP Bryce Mackasey enjoys performing in the glare of burning television lights. The gregarious Montreal Irishman, now the MP for Lincoln in southwest Ontario, considers himself one of Parliament’s more polished orators, adept, as he said recently, at using “the same speech on all occasions.”
Tough times for teachers 52d53

Tough times for teachers

Only half a generation of school-children has graduated since teachers’ groups were at the height of their power. In the heady 1960s through the mid-1970s, teachers helped topple governments in British Columbia and Quebec, won wage increases of 40 per cent in New Brunswick and staged the largest demonstrations in Ontario history.
The message of Chicago 2021

The message of Chicago

For hours the reggae and rhythm and blues bands kept up a triumphant din. Then, Chicago’s first black mayor-elect, Democrat Harold Washington, emerged to confirm his narrow 3.3-per-cent victory over Republican Bernard Epton. There were white faces in the cheering mob of Democratic party workers, but not many—fewer than 20 per cent of white voters backed Washington.
Night of the living computer 12d13

Night of the living computer

There is always big money in scaring people to death. If you do not buy A, you suffer from B. The big scare this season is computers. Computers take your job. Computers let the other guy get ahead of you. Ignorance of computers consigns your son or daughter to a life in the gutter.
A little more padding for the cell 4849

A little more padding for the cell

In the playoffs it nearly always gets down to the lonely guys in the padded cells. All winter long, who cares how many pucks they miss? In the endless season there’s always tomorrow. But now, in the playoffs, the light at the end of the tunnel is almost visible, and suddenly it matters that the only mortal standing between oblivion and continued television exposure is the poor wretch in the birdcage.
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