May 2, 1983

Canada’s tax system: is it fair? 1819

Canada’s tax system: is it fair?

The delight with which the nation’s powerful estates greeted Marc Lalonde’s budget was hardly a surprise. Largely, the finance minister delivered what the business community sought. In so doing, Lalonde made a further retreat from the bold tax reform concepts advocated for the first time more than a decade ago by the Carter Royal Commission on Taxation.
A big budget for business 1415

A big budget for business

The remarkable transformation of Marc Lalonde is now complete. Last week’s budget was the final stage of the finance minister’s sevenmonth metamorphosis. The scourge of the nation’s boardrooms has turned into the toast of Bay Street. Ever since he became finance minister last September, Lalonde has struggled to earn the respect of Canada’s skeptical business community.
A preview of a new revolutionary world 1011

A preview of a new revolutionary world

Alvin Toffler, who gained international acclaim as the world’s premier futurist with his best-selling books, Future Shock and The Third Wave, was among the first to describe the profound impact that computers would have in shaping the way people think, act, work, play, form social relationships, govern themselves and even evolve as a species.
Maureen’s choice 45

Maureen’s choice

With regard to the March 21 letter to the editor by Richard D. Corrance denouncing Maureen McTeer for not taking her husband’s name, many people, myself included, would like to remind Corrance that, indeed, this is the 20th century. McTeer is a lawyer, wife, mother and a charming lady; she is intelligent, aggressive, strong and unconditionally devoted to her husband, Joe Clark.
Central American dilemmas 2829

Central American dilemmas

The Reagan administration is headed toward a critical and perhaps decisive turning point in Central America. The civil war in El Salvador is going badly, with government forces unable to defeat leftist guerrillas. Senior officials now claim there is a clear prospect that the government will lose unless the U.S. commitment of money and advisers is dramatically stepped up.
A flourishing hub of illicit trade 89

A flourishing hub of illicit trade

When Victor Paulus set out to trap a lion, it was his 12th such expedition in as many years. As a result, he knew he would need anesthetic darts, nets, rope and heavy gloves. But the leathery, soft-spoken Belgian did not require jungle gear, because the lion lived in the basement of a home in Anderlecht, a run-down district of Brussels.
New eyes on the past 5455

New eyes on the past

For the most part, the legend of Joan of Arc has travelled the centuries intact. Her life as the young French peasant turned military crusader has been chiselled in marble, dramatized in plays and captured on film. The details of her death at the age of 19 are as vivid for today’s history readers as they must have been to the inhabitants of Rouen, France, who watched her burn at the stake as a heretic in 1431.
The Reagans and The Beach Boys T213

The Reagans and The Beach Boys

Quite enough has been said about the effort of James Watt to secure the streets of Washington, D.C., by purging them of The Beach Boys and their degenerative, family-threatening music. The U.S. interior secretary only believed that he was carrying out the mandate of his office—that is, to rescue the complex U.S. ecology from disintegration.
Lack of faith in the Trust Affair 3839

Lack of faith in the Trust Affair

Ontario’s Great Trust Affair regained some drama last week after being mired for three months in low-key court proceedings. With a flourish of political rhetoric, Robert Elgie, Ontario’s minister of consumer and commercial relations, delivered a scorching summary of alleged misdeeds by the three trust firms seized by the government on Jan. 7. Quoting from a clutch of previously unreleased investigators’ reports on the firms—Greymac Trust Co., Seaway Trust Co. and Crown Trust Co.—Elgie painted an alarming picture of incompetent management, “systematic misuse” of the firms’ money and an extensive intertwining of their affairs.
The trail of a survivor 1212a

The trail of a survivor

When Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat stumbled through a screaming, shoving crowd in the port of Beirut last Aug. 30 to board a Greek passenger ship, he was visibly thinner and more frail-looking after three months of humiliation at the hands of the Israeli army.
Facing the bald facts 12hT1

Facing the bald facts

When a Toronto amateur chemist launched his newest hairgrowing potion in March, 1982, he promised that his treatment would “arrest excessive hair loss and increase new terminal hair growth.” Although Melwood J. Steele’s Formula MJS Hair Restorer Lotion was not new, there was a fresh wrinkle:
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