May 16, 1983

The Oilers go for the Cup 2425

The Oilers go for the Cup

In most cities with professional sports teams, fans have grown old waiting for a winner. But Edmonton, which shares the icy 54th parallel with Minsk and whose Eskimos of the Canadian Football League routinely win the Grey Cup, may be on the verge of producing its second championship team.
The Tories’ watershed week 1011

The Tories’ watershed week

For those with a taste for theatrics, the Tory leadership contest is a dramatic smorgasbord. Last week alone Ontario Premier William Davis said that he would not enter the race. Then, burglars stole $400,000 worth of jewels and other goods from candidate Peter Pocklington’s Chicago hotel room.
A long night’s journey into day 5253

A long night’s journey into day

The Ontario Science Centre in Toronto is an improbable setting for an 11-hour dusk-to-dawn ritual based on ancient Egyptian texts. Still, Ra, the latest and most outlandish creation of composer R. Murray Schafer, opened there last Saturday and continues this week amid a flurry of divided critical opinion.
Bennett wins the match 1213

Bennett wins the match

Boisterous Social Credit supporters began filling the ballroom of the Hotel Vancouver hours before the final tally of returns from the British Columbia election. But the man they had come to praise—Premier William Bennett—was 240 km away accepting congratulations in his South Okanagan riding headquarters in Kelowna.
A canine’s search for poetic justice 4445

A canine’s search for poetic justice

Easing the pain of taxes T49

Easing the pain of taxes

Although the annual income tax ritual may be out of the way for another year, in reality the taxes never stop. The average Canadian taxpayer pays in income tax the amount equivalent to his gross salary for the months of January, February, March and part of April.
A shadowy war beneath the waves 3839

A shadowy war beneath the waves

The world may never know what really happened in the depths off Scandinavia last week. Norway fired 10 underwater missiles in the direction of an “unidentified submarine” in Hardanger Fiord, and Sweden detonated mines in an attempt to disable as many as six similar intruders in its territorial waters.
The high-tech job threat 3233

The high-tech job threat

The timing could hardly have been worse for federal Economic Development Minister Donald Johnston. When the minister presented Parliament last week with an inspiring vision of Canada’s economic prospects, his optimism was abruptly contradicted by an internal document prepared by economists on his own staff.
Negotiable laws 45

Negotiable laws

Ontario Securities Commission Chairman Peter Dey calls “naïve” the suggestion that Conrad Black received special treatment in the Norcen investigation (Power in High Places, Cover, April 25). The article states that “the OSC would take no action if Norcen would make a binding agreement not to violate the Securities Act.”
The Hitler diaries hoax 2021

The Hitler diaries hoax

For weeks the West German magazine Stern had trumpeted its sensational discovery of Adolf Hitler’s “secret diaries” and, in the ensuing controversy, remained adamant: their authenticity was beyond doubt. The Sunday Times of London scurried to purchase its own “world exclusive” and proclaimed that the diaries had been submitted to the “most rigorous tests” to establish validity.
The stormy road to a summit 1819

The stormy road to a summit

The question perplexing the Atlantic Alliance this week seemed almost frivolous: who was coming to dinner? But the contentious two-star Paris feast was sponsored by U.S. Treasury Secretary Donald Regan as a rehearsal for the Williamsburg summit of seven industrialized nations later this month.
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