May 30, 1983

Testing the cruise: to defend or disarm? 2223

Testing the cruise: to defend or disarm?

A slim cruise missile is slicing through the northern sky at about 1,100 km-h — a little faster than the cruising speed of an Air Canada DC-9—when the whine of its single fan-jet engine suddenly stops. Seconds later a parachute blooms above the missile, slowing its fall toward the snow below.
George Lucas launches the Jedi 4243

George Lucas launches the Jedi

Cary Anne Bucar, dressed as a rebel soldier out of Star Wars complete with combat boots and light-sabre sword, and her nine-year-old daughter, Maria, outfitted as the off-spring of Princess Leia and Han Solo, were ready to make the hour-long bus trip from their home in Colwood, B.C., to downtown Victoria this week.
Mulroney faces the West 1011

Mulroney faces the West

It was one of those embarrassing moments every politician fears, but Brian Mulroney emerged unscathed. He had just finished a rousing speech to 400 small-business men in Red Deer, Alta., last week, and they presented him with a cowboy hat.
Miami’s fragile new lease on life 67

Miami’s fragile new lease on life

When Miami holds a celebration next month to commemorate the third anniversary of the arrival in South Florida of the 125,000 "Marielitos”—the Cubans that Premier Fidel Castro allowed to leave his country from the port of Mariel in the spring of 1980—the festivities will serve as proof of the city’s remarkable resiliency.
Housing’s refreshing spring boom 3031

Housing’s refreshing spring boom

For the analysts sifting nervously through the maze of incoming data on the nation’s economic health, the figures emanating recently from the crucial housing industry have been heartening. In the past six months the once moribund sector has displayed a new vitality in response to lower interest rates and with the aid of federal and provincial mortgage subsidy and grant programs.
The race to build a ‘human’ computer 3839

The race to build a ‘human’ computer

The advertisements for a current book on Japanese computer research are ominous. “The next generation of computers will think and reason,” according to the promotions for The Fifth Generation. “And they will speak Japanese.” The tone reflects the growing international recognition that the first nation to perfect machines that mimic human thought will make all existing computers obsolete.
Why is Israel different? 5657

Why is Israel different?

The voices are many and dissonant: I love Begin—I hate Begin (Menachem, that is, not Monique). Ariel Sharon was innocent of any complicity in the Beirut massacre—he was guilty and therefore had to go. Settlements on the West Bank are our only permanent defence—settlements must stop because they hinder the peace process.
California’s passing stranger 8h9

California’s passing stranger

If we are white, middle class and situated in the suburbs, we have every right to suppose that the likes of Edward C. Lawson will not come striding along our well-tended streets. Lanes bordered by maples and brightened by pansies are the province of scurrying commuters, yappy schoolchildren, an occasional householder exercising the dog, deliverymen who arrive with temporary visas and, of course, the letter carrier—trusted servant in humble government-cut trousers.
The Pinochet curse 1819

The Pinochet curse

The scene revived memories of the worst acts of repression after the overthrow and killing of former Chilean president Salvador Allende in 1973. Summoned from their beds at 4 a.m., thousands of men from poor neighborhoods in Santiago shivered in the cool early morning air as police checked their identity documents, then hustled many into custody.
Restoring an Ontario icon 48T3

Restoring an Ontario icon

Franklin Carmichael’s painting Summer Storm is a fitting image for the posters and billboards announcing this week’s official reopening of the McMichael Canadian Collection. The Kleinburg, Ont., gallery is the largest single repository of the Group of Seven’s art, as well as a home for works by Tom Thomson, David Milne, Emily Carr and several native artists.
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