June 6, 1983

Inside Canada’s prisons 1617

Inside Canada’s prisons

Dorchester maximum security penitentiary was designed in an era during which convicts shuffled along in shackles. For 104 years it has loomed over the rolling countryside of northeastern New Brunswick. One-metrethick stone walls shut off its 470 inmates from the green hills of freedom.
A tribute to decadent eccentricity 5253

A tribute to decadent eccentricity

Flying high on the return engagement of last year’s magnificent Cyrano de Bergerac, the Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., continues to transform decadent eccentricity into gilt-edged success. This is the year of the tableau at Shaw: without dialogue, two of the three new productions, Bernard Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra and Sir Edward German’s operetta Tom Jones, could hang in an art gallery.
Explosive student woes 8b8c

Explosive student woes

It began in April as lab-coated medical students took to the streets, punctuating their strike by letting laboratory mice out of cages and wrapping Paris parking meters in white plaster casts. But, like some new viral strain, the symptoms of the inflammation spread.
Clark after the first ballot 1011

Clark after the first ballot

The eight youth delegates were earnest and cocky as they grilled former leader Joe Clark for more than an hour in a Prince Edward Island hotel room. The candidate finally broke from that private session to attend a pressing meeting with James Lee, the Island’s Conservative premier.
The screening of Thatcher 2425

The screening of Thatcher

Her hairspray had given way under a stiff Channel breeze, but British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was, as usual, unruffled. Buttoned into a Day-Glo orange life jacket to protect her trademark prim navy tailoring and pearls, she clambered onto the prow of a coast guard rescue boat to scan the waves.
Into the tomb of HMS Breadalbane 4243

Into the tomb of HMS Breadalbane

For more than a century HMS Breadalbane lay forgotten on the bed of the Arctic Ocean. The frigid depths preserved the wreck like a museum artifact. Anemones and jellyfish thrived around its dark timbers, transformed over the decades into a brilliant red-orange coral reef beneath the ice.
Can we trust our spies? 8d9

Can we trust our spies?

The ministry of the interior in Mozambique has high concrete walls. People walk by it quickly. In the cells where political detainees are kept, there are no beds, no benches, no chairs. Detainees sleep huddled together on the concrete floor, waiting for interrogation.
Distress signals from the shipyards 3233

Distress signals from the shipyards

It is a majestic sight for even the most urbanized observer familiar with the towering buildings that anchor Canada’s cities. Rising 33 m above its berth at the Collingwood Shipyards on Georgian Bay, an enormous 220-mlong vessel resembling a sprawling apartment building is nearing completion.
The tangled web of fabled words 5657

The tangled web of fabled words

One of the more hilarious aspects of the week was England’s Lord Dacre, who used to be (i.e. several weeks ago) that land’s most respected historian, explaining to a Montreal panel why he was made to look like a gormless rube over the Hitler diaries hoax.
Insecurities about security 1213

Insecurities about security

Solicitor General Robert Kaplan has been under attack since he introduced legislation last month to set up a new civilian security agency. But the strongest backlash came last week when Canada’s provincial attorneys general issued a strong communiqué denouncing the new agency as a “massive threat to the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.”
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