June 13, 1983

The fall of a financial empire 3233

The fall of a financial empire

On Jan. 7, in a lightning action, the government of Ontario seized three provincially incorporated trust companies. At the same time, the government of Canada grabbed two federally incorporated mortgage companies. Together, those actions touched off a series of financial and political shock waves which have rocked the nation from coast to coast.
The Tories make their choice 1011

The Tories make their choice

From the minute they step off the plane convention delegates will be tracked like so many Soviet missiles
What they stand for 1617

What they stand for

The Tory leadership hopefuls have travelled the country for the past 12 weeks, talking about jobs over breakfast, oil prices over coffee and cruise missiles at dinner. Although at present their platforms are little more than the thoughts of eight would-be Opposition leaders, in time they could be the agenda of a new prime minister.
How Reagan runs a summit 2223

How Reagan runs a summit

Midway through President Ronald Reagan’s reading of the final Williamsburg summit communiqué, there was a sound of crashing furniture. Unseen, somewhere behind the imposing dais, a chair or scaffold had collapsed. For an instant, 100 husky security agents froze.
Is Arafat losing control? 2425

Is Arafat losing control?

As the longtime unifying force of the fractious Palestine Liberation Organization, Yasser Arafat has always played a precarious role. Alternately using the language of the radical and the moderate, he has managed for 15 years to hold together the many ideologically divergent groups that fight under the banner of the PLO.
A disputed grave for old submarines 67

A disputed grave for old submarines

In California many cars have begun carrying bumper stickers with a message of a different kind. “You are what they eat,” the stickers read. “They” refers to the seafood delights in one of the world’s great fishing grounds, off the northern coast of California.
How economics lost its credibility T29

How economics lost its credibility

Recently, while I was leading a workshop on future job requirements, a young man asked: “Aren’t you ashamed to call yourself an economist? Your profession has not forecast anything right in years, and the economic policies we have had to endure have all but destroyed the economy.”
The price of medication: will it rise? 4445

The price of medication: will it rise?

When the federal government announced late last month that it was considering revisions to Canadian drug regulations that could jeopardize the availability of lowcost generic drugs, the multinational drug industry was quick to express its enthusiasm.
Glasgow’s mouth that roared 5657

Glasgow’s mouth that roared

The University of British Columbia, at its spring convocation ceremonies, awarded the usual honorary degrees. They went to author Robertson Davies, George Manuel, former president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, nuclear physicist John Bernard Warren, among others.
Chronicle of a frenzied era 5051

Chronicle of a frenzied era

In 1935 the people of Alberta, devastated by drought and the Great Depression, elected the popular radio evangelist William (Bible Bill) Aberhart as premier. The leader of the burgeoning Social Credit movement, Aberhart promised radical new monetary policies that he said would not only heal Alberta’s economy but pay a dividend of $25 a month to every citizen.
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