June 20, 1983

The Mulroney challenge 1011

The Mulroney challenge

At opposite ends of the steamy arena, the two 44-year-old men waited for their party to decide their fate. On one side, Joe Clark gambled that the prospect of power would force the Progressive Conservative party to unite behind him for the first time in seven years.
A triumph of energy and imagination 5253

A triumph of energy and imagination

The Stratford Festival’s artistic director has insomnia. “I wake up every two hours and start to cry,” declared John Hirsch at last week’s opening night production of Macbeth. The chief source of his concern was a shortfall of $400,000 in projected advance sales.
The litany of broken dreams 2021

The litany of broken dreams

Their dreams have died, and the adrenaline that powered them through the gruelling three-month leadership campaign is spent. For the exhausted losers of last weekend’s leadership race, the future suddenly held the humbling prospect of competing for the supporting roles in Brian Mulroney’s administration.
The trail from Baie Comeau to the top 1819

The trail from Baie Comeau to the top

Martin Brian Mulroney’s mythical poor-boy-makes-good background has already been so carefully embellished that it barely resembles reality. His 1976 campaign literature, for one thing, recounts how the 12-year-old son of a Baie Comeau, Que., industrial electrician used to tell his fellow townsfolk that he wanted to become Prime Minister when he grew up.
Thatcher’s finest hour 2829

Thatcher’s finest hour

The four-week campaign had been bad tempered and exhausting. The atmosphere among the candidates in the community hall in Finchley was tense and angry as the votes were counted, and boos from opponents greeted British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the announcement of her re-election in the North London suburban riding.
Escaping into summer 48d49

Escaping into summer

Summer is the season of simple rituals: drinking beer at the ball game, barbecuing in the backyard and, above all, baring tender flesh to the noonday sun. With sunglasses in place, a summer reader is looking for anything that will interfere with the joyful ingestion of empty calories and tanning rays.
Crime in a Soviet community 67

Crime in a Soviet community

On Friday evenings Soviet immigrants pack the second floor of the Odessa Club in Brighton Beach, in east Brooklyn. They sing and dance to the music of Soviet entertainers, devour mounds of ham, sausage and caviar, and quench their thirst with vodka.
The licking of a resolute canine 8d9

The licking of a resolute canine

The dog who ran for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party didn’t win. Nobody really expected him to. He was regarded as a fringe candidate and a dog. Political analysts pointed out that neither had ever won before. The dog was disappointed, though.
White-water thrills and spills 4243

White-water thrills and spills

After a month of heavy rains, the sun was out and the Ottawa River was running high and fast. It was a good day for rafting. Hundreds of visitors in inflatable rubber boats shrieked and laughed their way down the river’s churning rapids near Renfrew, Ont., 80 km northwest of the capital.
Canadair enters a swift, steep nosedive 3637

Canadair enters a swift, steep nosedive

It was an ignominious moment for Frederick Kearns, the 59-year-old president of Canadair Ltd. After precipitately announcing his resignation from the government-owned aircraft manufacturer last month, his final official act came last week.
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