June 27, 1983



In Dartmouth, N.S., Alice Nicholl, 57, got up at 4:50 a.m. to prepare to serve royalty—as a waitress. She had never been one before, but she begged for the job so she could catch a first-hand glimpse of the Prince and Princess of Wales as they dined on lobster in a Bridgewater high school gymnasium.
The Pope’s Polish odyssey 2425

The Pope’s Polish odyssey

He was met with flowers and guns. On the broad boulevards of Warsaw hundreds of thousands of Poles held up banners and flowers as they prayerfully awaited the passing of his motorcade. On the side streets riotequipped police patrols stood ready for any threat.
Mulroney savors a taste of unity 1819

Mulroney savors a taste of unity

The olive branches were extended quickly and decisively last week when Brian Mulroney, the new Conservative leader, began the onerous task of uniting the traditionally faction-ridden Tory party. Mulroney wooed and won over the caucus’ 125 Conservative MPs and senators during two tough sessions which erupted into giddy fan-club rallies for the fledgling leader.
The race for the America’s Cup begins 4647

The race for the America’s Cup begins

Down the hill from the mansions— “cottages” as any well-heeled Newport, R.I., resident would call them—past the squid-jiggers on the bridge to Goat Island and behind the locked chain link fence at State Pier Number 9, the men of the Canada 1 team preparing for the triennial America’s Cup challenge worked furiously last Thursday on a 90-foot aluminum mast cradled on a string of old sawhorses.
Dialling for titillation T29

Dialling for titillation

We are crazy for convenience. What exquisite joy we find in negotiating a loan at the drivethrough window or feeding mozzarella to the food processor. Give us a gaspowered machine for chasing leaves off the lawn or a digital watch that wakes us to the tune of Dixie or a Chinese restaurant that will deliver a double order of pork lo mein at three in the morning, no questions asked, and we are happyhappy, indeed.
Power plays in the Kremlin 2829

Power plays in the Kremlin

In the arcane world of the Kremlin, power shifts always occur behind the scenes. But when the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee met last week, there was more than the usual number of surprises. First, party ideologue Konstantin Chernenko suddenly reappeared on the Politburo rostrum to make the opening speech.
No more paupers at the Plate 48T3

No more paupers at the Plate

Ordinarily, paupers need not apply for the red-carpeted trek to the winner’s enclosure at Woodbine following each renewal of the Queen’s Plate, a horse race that hasn’t missed a beat in 124 years, or since Queen Victoria put her name to it in the summer of 1859.
A high ride through the sex barrier 4041

A high ride through the sex barrier

Cool, calm and apparently controlled in any circumstance, Sally Kristen Ride hurtled through space aboard the 100-ton, shimmering white-and-blue shuttle Challenger last Saturday morning to become the first American woman in orbit.
Defending Gretzky 45

Defending Gretzky

In reply to “former Edmontonian” Helen Tucker on Wayne Gretzky (Letters, June 6): Tucker was probably deported from Edmonton to Arborg, Man., if she made comments about Gretzky in Edmonton like the ones she makes from her new location. I get nauseated when unknowns like Tucker attempt to defame this superlative, world-class athlete.
The booklet on Brian Mulroney 5657

The booklet on Brian Mulroney

Being 29 things you never knew before about Martin Brian Mulroney: 1. He is known to his close friends as Bones, a nickname going back to his college days and his frame, which didn’t have much meat on it. 2. He hates holidays. He is a glutton for work.
China’s new economic revolution 3637

China’s new economic revolution

On sunny mornings in Peking, retired cook Song Yung Wang loads his pedicab with home-made bicycle seats, wooden back scratchers and straw hats. Then he pedals to a highway underpass, hawks his wares to passing cyclists and earns about 20 yuan ($12.50) a week—twice the average worker’s wage.
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