July 11, 1983



Fourteen years after major-league baseball first expanded beyond the borders of the United States, it was entirely reasonable for Montrealers to expect that the Expos be one of the premier teams in the game. But six years after the second team came to Canada, buying a lottery ticket seemed like a safer bet than expecting the Toronto Blue Jays to be at the top of their division.


I am concerned about Maclean’s lack of fair play. The article What they stand for (Canada, June 13) mentions “eight would-be Opposition leaders” but it contains the pictures and positions of only seven. Not one word about Neil Fraser is mentioned.
Can we afford public enterprise? 89

Can we afford public enterprise?

The next federal election campaign may be a year or more away, but the economic battle lines are already being drawn. On the Conservative side we have quite clearly seen the bare bones of a strategy: sell all Crown corporations to the private sector (or at least some of them) and set this country’s economy back on the path of free enterprise.
The irreverent islanders 4243

The irreverent islanders

When the Wonderful Grand Band begins its new CBC television series on July 8, it will contain none of the traditional wholesomeness of The Tommy Hunter Show. Although it is occupying half of Hunter’s Friday evening time slot for the summer, The Wonderful Grand Band series is not a showcase for down-home fiddle music.
Italy’s search for stability 1617

Italy’s search for stability

When Italian Socialist party leader Bettino Craxi plunged the country into a political crisis by withdrawing from the coalition government of Prime Minister Amintore Fanfani, most commentators held little hope that the resulting general election would produce stability.
The growing Canadian AIDS alarm 3435

The growing Canadian AIDS alarm

Doctors at Montreal’s Ste. Justine Hospital were mystified last year when a seven-month-old infant, her body wracked by diseases against which she had no defence, died in their care. Her Haitian mother had died shortly after giving birth, the victim of tuberculosis and a rare form of cancer that spread with unusual speed.
An energy pact to please 1213

An energy pact to please

Immediately after signing the new energy agreement with Alberta last week, federal Energy Minister Jean Chrétien jokingly noted that his horoscope for the day did not augur well. “Observe a signal to delay making a commitment,” the advice for Capricorns read.
The squeeze on lemons 3839

The squeeze on lemons

Almost from the moment Josiane Rivet drove her new 1983 Renault Alliance off a Montreal lot last August, she had problems. First, oil began to leak from the brakes and the universal joint. Then the electrical system and the transmission faltered.
The masters of bafflegab 4849

The masters of bafflegab

Yikes, Dr. Fotheringham, I didn’t expect to run into you in the summer season. Your Prince racket broken? Elucidate the parameters, if not the specificity, of your precise puzzlement. Well, you know, I mean, I can’t quite figure out this new love feast between Brian Mulroney and Joe Clark.
Japan in the 21st century 3233

Japan in the 21st century

Despite its vaunted reputation abroad, Japanese business is not all a bowl of cherry blossoms. Nearly 1,500 companies went bankrupt this April, for example, leaving a trail of unpaid debts. During 1982, 17,000 firms bit the dust, including 43 hospitals.
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