August 8, 1983

Northern lights and Arctic magic 3839

Northern lights and Arctic magic

They come from great distances, like modern-day explorers, pilgrims seeking Canada’s final frontier—the boundless North. Some arrive in campers, which seem to waddle along the spruce-lined, dusty gravel highways. Others disembark from buses, uncramping their legs amid a cloud of diesel exhaust lingering in the air.


In a dramatic flexing of military muscle, the Reagan administration last week took a giant step closer to overt U.S. involvement in the wars of Central America—then struggled to downplay a series of moves that have unnerved allies and enemies alike.
The cast of a dangerous drama 2021

The cast of a dangerous drama

Steely eyes behind glinting spectacles give Daniel Ortega the look of a 1960s student radical. But Ortega, 38, is the best-known member of Nicaragua’s ruling junta and his country’s official head of state. Two weeks ago Ortega gained international prominence with a six-point peace plan for Central America, calling for the removal of all foreign bases and arms supplies from the region.
Canada’s unknown soldiers 1213

Canada’s unknown soldiers

Gordon Day, a 41-year-old Montrealer, recalls the day in 1981 when the horror of his Vietnam stint came back to haunt him. He was in a bar in Montreal. A friend with whom he had been drinking had suffered an epileptic seizure and passed out on the floor.
Choking on our regional poisons 8b9

Choking on our regional poisons

There’s a sure way to tell your friends from life’s assortment of insurance salesmen, camp followers and real estate agents. Bring them all together and give a short, punchy speech on the benefits of an elected Senate. Those who topple their chairs over backward and snore ostentatiously are not your friends.
Petrocan’s costly push 67

Petrocan’s costly push

When the federal government created Petro-Canada in 1975, Canadians, distrustful of multinational oil companies, overwhelmingly endorsed the concept of a Crown-owned oil company. At the time, upwardly spiralling oil prices were creating havoc on the world energy scene.
Canada 1 finally makes a move 3637

Canada 1 finally makes a move

Since the good ship America sailed across the ocean to beat a fleet of 14 British yachts in 1851, captains and crews have ventured to Newport, R.I., 24 times attempting to wrest the America’s Cup from the New York Yacht Club. In this summer’s 25th challenge they have come from Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain and Italy.


I am extremely disappointed with the cover story of your July 25 issue, The nation’s new agony over abortion. As the article was the cover story and not a column, it was your duty to present the issue in an unbiased manner. Rather than doing this, you chose to portray Dr. Henry Morgentaler as a Martin Luther King-type hero who has devoted his life to some great cause despite all obstacles and odds.
Big bucks for the big boys 5657

Big bucks for the big boys

This is such a pusillanimous country, all hedging and tender-footed, obsequious, doing what we are told to do by our government which knows better. In other jurisdictions they would riot and pour burning oil on their tormentors. Here, we roll over and kick our puppy like paws in the air, never complaining, adopting our favored public stance: docility.
The seeds of a second civil war 2223

The seeds of a second civil war

Even in a nation wracked by war and inured to brutality, the events provoked foreboding and predictions of an even more devastating future. Last week the aging leader of Lebanon’s powerful Christian Phalangist movement, Pierre Gemayel, warned that current developments are “reminiscent of the climate of the year 1975”—a reference to the first of eight years of bitter civil war in Lebanon.
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