August 22, 1983



In a recent window display at Lipton’s clothing store in downtown Toronto, a life-size photo of fashion designer Alfred Sung peered out at passers-by from behind an eight-foot-high Venetian blind. An artificial hand parted the slats to reveal only his eyes and nose, and a pair of black Chinese shoes protruded from the bottom.
Evening the odds for peace 67

Evening the odds for peace

Maclean’s: Should the United States adopt a more flexible attitude in the arms control negotiations with the Soviets? There seems to be very little progress in the Geneva talks. Rostow: The fundamental problem is flexible about what? The basic differences between the United States and the Soviet Union in the arms talks are differences of policy not of tactics, and they cannot be bridged by ingenuity—however skilful—in finding a verbal formula.
Another shuffle, another show 1011

Another shuffle, another show

Just before Fitness Minister Raymond Perrault was dropped from the federal cabinet last week, he offered Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau two pieces of advice. First, he said that he should be replaced by a westerner. Second, Perrault said that Trudeau should shake up his own office and the entire party, not just “rearrange the chairs” around the cabinet table.
Precious moments 45

Precious moments

After reading a well thought-out article on one of Canada’s most notable artists The World of Alex Colville (Cover, Aug. 1), it was upsetting for me to phone the Edmonton Art Gallery and find that the Colville exhibit, which you say is to travel “throughout Canada,” is actually going only to Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
Sticky thoughts for sultry days T29

Sticky thoughts for sultry days

Such is life in these United States that a baseball bat can occasion hours of raging debate, saturation media coverage and a full-page ad placed by people who want your air freight business. “The American League had to trust someone to deliver in a sticky situation,” said a promotional headline in The New York Times.
Libya tightens its iron grip 1617

Libya tightens its iron grip

As the residents of the shellpocked Chadian capital of N’Djamena struggled through a cheerless national holiday that marked 23 years of precarious independence for the former French colony, transistor radios crackled out the fateful bulletin last week.
Countering nuclear ‘madness’ 4243

Countering nuclear ‘madness’

Maclean’s; How should a Christian respond to the stockpiling of nuclear weapons? Muncie: We must recognize that a world that attempts to keep peace by a nuclear balance is a world in the grip of madness. On the other hand, you cannot cure madness by gestures and you must, as a Christian, I believe, keep firmly to the imperative of the Lord—Christians are to be peacemakers.
The Tories’ stand-up comedian 5657

The Tories’ stand-up comedian

When Brian Mulroney was in search of delegates on his way to the Conservative leadership convention, he ended up in Pembroke, Ont., with wife Mila on what happened to be their 10th wedding anniversary. (“ ‘Marry me,’ I told Mila, ‘and I promise you’ll see a lot of travel.’ ”)
The high costs of leaving fields fallow 2829

The high costs of leaving fields fallow

When it was introduced this spring, following one of the grimmest years ever for American farmers, the U.S. department of agriculture’s Payment in Kind (PIK) program appeared to be a rare miracle. It was a government effort that actually attempted to save taxpayers’ money and solve two critical problems at once.
Spar’s soaring success in space 3031

Spar’s soaring success in space

Most Canadians think that buying a ticket to The Return of the Jedi may be their only admission to the space age. In fact, 18 Canadian companies, eight universities and five government departments maintain world-class space research facilities, and the Maple Leaf is about to go into even more impressive orbit.
How the old guard outgunned the young Turks 1819

How the old guard outgunned the young Turks

For the second time in 17 months army troops and tanks, accompanied by the roar of planes and helicopters, surrounded Guatemala’s National Palace last week. And,after a brief shootout, a new general occupied the president’s office. Oscar Humberto Mejía Victores, the country’s new leader, is the sixth consecutive general to rule Guatemala.
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