August 29, 1983



At 7 p.m. last Monday, Progressive Conservative Party Leader Brian Muironey pulled up to the Parkview Manor senior citizens' complex in Trenton, N.S., in a black, air-conditioned Oldsmobile which has chauffeured him through his six-week byelection campaign in the sprawling riding of Central Nova.


The winds of war was well-done (Cover, Aug. 8). As a recent visitor to the region, I was particularly struck by your brief but pungent thumbnail sketches, notably of Honduras. Your editorial rightly aims at actions, not words, and points out dramatically the urgency of independent Canadian action.
Thoroughly old-fashioned Mila 1617

Thoroughly old-fashioned Mila

The family squabble was a typical war of wills. Mark Mulroney, 4 and frustrated, announced that he could not manage to fold his clothes. Mila Mulroney, 30 and wise in the ways of childish trickery, told him to try again. “The next thing I knew, he was on his bed, working on his clothes,” she said last week.
Probing the Cayman Islands connection 3839

Probing the Cayman Islands connection

Notoriety is nothing new to the Cayman Islands. For centuries after their discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1503, the three small outcroppings of white sand and mango swamp in the Caribbean Sea were inhabited principally by pirates and a thriving population of sea turtles.
Why Jews must lean to the right 8b9

Why Jews must lean to the right

The luncheon was a couple of years ago and was to raise money for Israel. It was sponsored by the women’s division of the United Jewish Appeal. The lady who rang me up wanted me to sit at the head table to demonstrate, as both a Jew and a reasonably prominent member of the journalism community, my support for Israel.
All that glitters is not Pan-Am gold 3637

All that glitters is not Pan-Am gold

Only days before last week's opening ceremonies at the Pan-American Games in Caracas, Venezuela, there were still grave doubts that the Games would be held at all. Now, after the first week of a fortnight’s competition, many people doubt that they should have been.
The sweet, strong promise of youth 5455

The sweet, strong promise of youth

Few individuals have been more closely associated with the success of the Stratford Festival than Michael Langham. During his reign as artistic director, from 1956 to 1967, the classical repertory company that he fashioned gained international acclaim.
Labour leans toward a Welsh miner’s son 2829

Labour leans toward a Welsh miner’s son

As he walked away unharmed from an expressway crash in which his car was wrecked last month, Neil Kinnock contemplated his safe deliverance. “Somebody up there likes me,” the 41-year-old Welshman remarked. Indeed, his miracle escape seemed to be the final sign that nothing can stop Kinnock in his campaign for the leadership of Britain’s confused and ailing Labour Party.
Fighting flash fires in the sky 4647

Fighting flash fires in the sky

Airlines will never eliminate the threat of an aircraft fire in the sky. But current research indicates that a blaze aboard a plane in flight could often be controlled long enough to give passengers a good chance of escaping once the aircraft has made its way back to ground.
A spy agency faces its critics 2223

A spy agency faces its critics

Ted Finn, Canada's security chief, combines an engaging Irish affability with the smooth quickness of a polished lawyer-bureaucrat. But even Finn could not settle the troubling questions raised again last week about the power and purpose of the federal government’s proposed new security intelligence service.
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