September 12, 1983



With those nine words 269 people aboard Korean Air Lines flight 007 were condemned to a fiery death 35,000 feet above the Sea of Japan last week, unleashing a worldwide wave of revulsion and rage. The terse military exchange in the middle of the night between a ground control installation and an aging, but still potent, Soviet interceptor gave the pilot the command to unleash at least two awesomely destructive heat-seeking missiles at the heart of the 747 aircraft.
A Canadian star to light up the night 4243

A Canadian star to light up the night

It was almost midnight by the time Alan Thicke finished taping his last performance of the day at the Metromedia television studios and headed across the back lot to his Hollywood office. Dressed only in black corduroy slippers and a peach velour bathrobe, which revealed a heavy gold chain nestling in his chest hair, he was a walking illustration of the Hollywood law that informality of attire increases in direct proportion to status.
Shamir takes the helm 2425

Shamir takes the helm

For more than eight hours Israelis anxiously awaited the outcome of last week’s secret ballot held in Tel Aviv’s sweltering Ohel Shem (Tent of God) theatre. Finally, Herut party officials announced the decision: Israel’s 68-year-old foreign minister, Yitzhak Shamir, would succeed retiring Prime Minister Menachem Begin as party leader.


Three Cheers For Brian Mulroney (Mulroney’s iron grip, Cover, Aug. 29). He sure is an amazing guy. After all, he is only doing something that all leaders have done since the beginning of history-consolidating his power. You would think, by the way the article about him in Maclean's reads, that this consolidation was a new, imaginative and innovative leadership device.
The fading of a fairy tale 89

The fading of a fairy tale

On Mount Agel, where Princess Grace of Monaco began her fatal drive last September, a sombre storm cloud shrouds the transmitters of Radio Monte Carlo. Below, the road unravels in heart-stopping hairpin twists down to the blithe, sun-drenched 469-acre principality over which she reigned.
MacGuigan’s plan to remake law 4647

MacGuigan’s plan to remake law

The wheels of Canadian justice often grind intolerably slowly, and not always justly. One reason is that they turn under the deadweight of too many laws: Justice Minister Mark MacGuigan estimated last week that federal statutes alone contain an astonishing 97,000 separate offences.
Mulroney goes to Ottawa 1415

Mulroney goes to Ottawa

Miles apart in three carefully chosen conference rooms, the caucuses of the Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic parties meet behind closed doors this week to plot their strategies for the resumption of Parliament next week. Conservative Leader Brian Mulroney, triumphant in last week’s resounding byelection win in Central Nova, faces his colleagues at a secluded ski resort 85 km north of Ottawa.
The sights of summer’s end 12f13

The sights of summer’s end

Out by the lakes and mountains and beaches, the landscape was telling Canadians that summer was ending. But in the towns and cities they were waiting it out. There was no rain. And when there was, it flushed the pollutants out of their hiding places and into the lake and the river, closing them for swimming, according to the newspapers.
The roots of an unlikely empire 3637

The roots of an unlikely empire

It is a success story that would hearten Horatio Alger. In 1973 when Don Green and Michael Budman, a pair of Toronto hippies, decided to go into the shoe business, most of their competitors smiled. The reason: their product—a negative-heel shoe—and their approach to business were as unconventional as their hirsute appearance.
Beirut’s nightmare 2829

Beirut’s nightmare

The fighting in the streets of Beirut was the fiercest in the battleweary city since the disastrous civil war of eight years ago. The savage struggle last week between Moslem militias on one side and Christian Phalangists and Lebanese government troops on the other turned Lebanon’s capital once more into a grisly urban battleground.
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