September 26, 1983




A lesson in the House



For more than 60 years the U.S. film industry has dominated the Canadian imagination as effectively as it has controlled the profits from Canadian box offices. Generations of children have played gunslinger sheriffs, while their parents, eyeing one another with disappointment, wished for a little more Hollywood in their marriages.
A lesson in the House 1819

A lesson in the House

It was a case of two men acting very much in character. Brian Mulroney rose importantly for his parliamentary Question Period debut last week. In urgent and ringing tones the new Conservative leader asked Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau whether or not the government will seek massive damages from the Soviet Union for the families of the 10 Canadians killed when Soviets shot down a Korean airliner.


Maclean’s deserves credit for its well-researched and timely treatment of the tragic destruction of the Korean 747 aircraft with the loss of its 269 passengers and crew (Flight into darkness, Cover, Sept. 12). Particularly revealing was the description of the sophisticated monitoring equipment by means of which the path of the off-course aircraft could be followed and its interception recorded.
A nation’s self-destruction 2627

A nation’s self-destruction

The fighting was the most brutal— and deadly—in the latest phase of Lebanon’s fratricidal civil war. In the strategic Chouf Mountain village of Suk al-Gharb, 1,200 Lebanese Army soldiers clung to their positions in vicious hand-to-hand fighting with Druze militia assault teams.
The dangers of self-censorship 16d17

The dangers of self-censorship

Gary Lautens, the executive managing editor of The Toronto Star, is a far wiser person than I am. A few weeks ago he killed a cartoon that had appeared in the early editions of his paper. The cartoon made fun of a certain type of wealthy Toronto Jewish lady called the Forest Hill Princess (chutzpah robustus) and depicted her foibles, idiosyncracies and lifestyle penchants (“It has the right outfit for everything and drives either Dad’s Continental or a small sporty ‘Benz.
The restraint revolution 2021

The restraint revolution

When British Columbia introduced a severe restraint program last July, Canadians from east to west expressed surprise, shock and in some cases outrage. But in the weeks since, most other provinces have gradually demonstrated that they too have been pursuing similar policies—although in a less abrupt and dramatic fashion.
When heroes become monsters 7273

When heroes become monsters

In the United States the dream of every boy is to grow up to be president. Anybody is supposed to be able to do it (as has recently been demonstrated). In Canada the dream for several generations of boys—at least those raised in the 1930s and 1940s—was to play hockey for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
The new Black Pope of the Jesuits 4243

The new Black Pope of the Jesuits

Internal divisions, declining membership and an extended ideological tug-of-war with a succession of popes to whom Jesuits owe a vow of special obedience, have plagued the controversial 26,000-member order of Roman Catholic priests for at least a decade.
An eastern ‘mega’ renaissance 3839

An eastern ‘mega’ renaissance

The magic megaprojects that were to have catapulted the Canadian economy into the 1980s are only memories now, but one of them, supposedly the longest shot of all, may yet spring back to life. This possible renaissance has much to do with Alastair Gillespie, the Trudeau government’s former energy, and later trade, minister accused of using party connections to obtain federal funds for his company.
Not free for the asking 1415

Not free for the asking

The tales aggravated Canadians throughout the sweltering summer. First, The Toronto Star revealed that in the 1981-82 tax year the public paid $102,470 to maintain the grounds at Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s two official homes. Next, The Globe and Mail reported that Trudeau and fellow cabinet ministers were taking family and friends along on Transport Canada’s VIP flights.
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