October 3, 1983

Under the guns in Lebanon 2021

Under the guns in Lebanon

Finally, the remaining veils of restraint were lifted. Last week in Lebanon, French and U.S. troops serving with the multinational peacekeeping force unleashed the fury of their huge military arsenals and struck back at warring factions which threatened both their lives and the tottering government of President Amin Gemayel.


I must congratulate Maclean’s for its Sept. 12 cover story, Flight into darkness, which was surprisingly free of the anti-Soviet hysteria the media have indulged in since the downing of the Korean passenger jet. In that same article U.S. President Ronald Reagan is quoted referring to the Soviet Union as “. . . a state whose values permit such atrocities.”
Manitoba’s fight over French 1415

Manitoba’s fight over French

For more than three months a Manitoba government resolution to extend French language services has consumed the politics and divided the people of that province. Last week the bitter provincial dispute escalated into an emotional national debate as the federal government sought to orchestrate an all-party resolution in the Commons expressing support for bilingualism.
Grand acts and great expectations 4849

Grand acts and great expectations

Ever since artistic director Robin Phillips left the Stratford Festival in 1980 and plunged Canada’s most renowned cultural institution into a temporary crisis, the world of Canadian theatre—to say nothing of film and television—has been primed for his dramatic reappearance in the limelight.
Growing up under P. E. Trudeau 6465

Growing up under P. E. Trudeau

The Ottawa press corps owes Pierre Trudeau more than it will ever admit. There won’t be much moaning at the National Press Club bar when, one of these days, he puts out to sea. The relationship is, as usually pictured, one of arrogance and contempt on the Prime Minister’s side and a somewhat spiteful sense of injury among the lads and lasses of the mass media.
Why economic recovery is elusive T213

Why economic recovery is elusive

Finance Minister Marc Lalonde says that Canada’s economic recovery is going along just swimmingly. In his first major statement since the House of Commons resumed sitting last month, Lalonde noted that although there were signs that economic growth was slowing this in itself was a good thing.
The case against the media giants 4041

The case against the media giants

Seven thick black binders are the focus of attention in a Toronto courtroom. Between their covers are 230 confidential documents that federal combines investigators seized from the filing cabinets and waste-baskets of Canada’s two media giants, Thomson Newspapers Ltd. and Southam Inc., in raids in September, 1980.
Rallying around Canada 1 3839

Rallying around Canada 1

The real story of Newport ’83 was the contest between daring and elitism. In typical Canadian fashion the elimination of our entry was written off as an inevitable failure which should teach us to stay out of big boys’ games. It was no such thing.
Skeptics and a supervalve T45a

Skeptics and a supervalve

It is a long distance from a mechanic’s garage in Scottsdale, Ariz., to a billion-dollar realignment of the automotive and energy industries. But stockbroker-turned-inventor Sherwood Webster and master mechanic Richard Heise believe that they are halfway there.
Boat People in a new land 1819

Boat People in a new land

The staccato blasts from a revolver shattered the nighttime silence at a community centre near Toronto’s Chinatown. When the police arrived minutes later, one man, a Vietnamese refugee, had died and two of his friends were seriously wounded, lying in pools of blood.
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