October 10, 1983



Thank you for your clear and factual account of the tragic situation in Lebanon (A nation’s self-destruction, World, Sept. 26). However, I fail to understand your opening and closing logic in describing the situation as a “fratricidal civil war” and coming to the unbelievable conclusion that this is a nation “apparently determined to tear itself apart.”
Thatcher’s Cold War crusade 2425

Thatcher’s Cold War crusade

It was a diplomatic trip that verged on being a crusade. Amid renewed Cold War tensions between East and West, Margaret Thatcher swept through Canada and the United States last week with a clear mission and purpose in mind. While Washington and Moscow played the critical moves in the deadly game of nuclear diplomacy, Britain’s frosty prime minister emerged as the compelling, dominant Western voice demanding a tough and unbending line against the Soviet Union.
A conversation with the Iron Lady 2829

A conversation with the Iron Lady

Maclean’s: What principal concerns have you and Prime Minister Trudeau addressed during your discussions? Thatcher: Basically, there are two massive concerns, aren’t there? There’s the course of the world economy and how each of our countries is tackling it, and what we can do to try to improve things in the world economy against the background of international debt and recession.
The community in focus T1056a

The community in focus

Even the most liberal viewers of North Calgary’s Channel 10 were startled. The community cable TV channel, owned by Toronto-based Cablecasting Ltd., last year taped and broadcast a Mr. Nude Calgary contest, leaving nothing to the imagination.
Everything old is recycled again 6869

Everything old is recycled again

With the advent of pay TV, satellite dishes, videocassettes and increased cable services, the technology of television has already reached what viewers only a decade ago thought of as the distant future. But even with that overheated, high-tech competition, the commercial TV networks have made the curious decision to transport their audience back to the past.
Doctors and the spectre of malpractice 4849

Doctors and the spectre of malpractice

In August, 1982, family physician Dr. Stanley Britten was assessed $1.3 million in damages because of negligence leading to the birth of a baby with brain damage and cerebral palsy. The decision by the B.C. Supreme Court sent shock waves through the Canadian medical community which, until recently, believed that sky-high malpractice awards were the unhappy province of their U.S. counterparts.
How much is that in English? T417

How much is that in English?

Forget Brian Mulroney. The reason the guy in the kitchen won’t vote Liberal next time is the milk bags. The guy in the kitchen never liked the milk bags much anyway: milk wasn’t supposed to come in bags. But now the bags didn’t fit the jug. He put the milk bag into the milk bag jug and the bag slid about one-third of the way in and stopped.
The Liberals as nagging nannies 7273

The Liberals as nagging nannies

Poor Pierre Trudeau. Poor Liberals. They don’t seem to realize that they are behaving like lemmings running straight for the cliff, blindfolded. They think they are trapping Brian Mulroney and the Tories by championing French language rights in Manitoba. Quelle blague. Instead, they are reminding most Canadians why they are so disliked.
The IMF’s worrisome debt ordeal 3839

The IMF’s worrisome debt ordeal

Compared with the crisis atmosphere at last year’s International Monetary Fund meeting in Toronto, the 38th annual gathering of the organization in Washington last week was a model of sober deliberation. A year ago the shadow of Mexico’s close call with default loomed over the bankers.
Of human bonding 56d57

Of human bonding

With their 1976 best seller Maternal-Infant Bonding, Cleveland pediatricians Marshall Klaus and John Kennell convinced many obstetricians and nurses that a mother and newborn baby must spend time together during the first 24 hours after delivery.
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