October 24, 1983

Return from the depths 1213

Return from the depths

Six years after he became the youngest premier in Quebec history, Robert Bourassa lost his own Montreal seat and his majority government to the Parti Québécois—a stunning humiliation for even the oldest and toughest of politicians. “I was a dead man,” he confessed recently.
Maggie’s prime 2b3

Maggie’s prime

While I have little empathy for Margaret Thatcher, I was extremely irritated that you would refer to her as “the middle-aged lady” as you did in your editorial (Oct. 10). I note that you mention Prime Minister Trudeau in the same column. Surely, to be consistent, you should have described him as “the elderly gentleman.”
Lights for the human soul 5657

Lights for the human soul

Portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh has made a specialty of getting his own way—and talking about it. As a result, Karsh has not resisted telling again, in his lavish new book Karsh: A Fifty-Year Retrospective, published by the University of Toronto Press at $47.50, about how he single-handedly conquered Winston Churchill in 1941.
The unmaking of T.H. White 10d11

The unmaking of T.H. White

Perhaps, one day, in the fullness of time, history will record its verdict on the role 20th-century journalists played in the destruction of free and open societies. Perhaps. An intriguing case in point is the astonishing cover article on China by Theodore H. White which appeared in the Sept. 26 issue of Time magazine.
A sinister Isle of Beauty 4242a

A sinister Isle of Beauty

At first glance, the small French island of Corsica resembles an untroubled postcard cliché— mountains heaving up out of the unsullied Mediterranean blue, beaches fringed with lavender and palms, and villages of ancient tile-roofed stone buildings where holidayers linger over their evening Pastis breathing the aromas of wild rosemary and thyme.
A sunken symbol of the Arctic debate 5050a

A sunken symbol of the Arctic debate

It looked like another routine emergency drill as crew members of the Arctic Ublureak casually put on their lifejackets and cleared the lifeboats. The ship was moving through an unusually calm Beaufort Sea in bright daylight on Aug. 31.
An ambitious economic paper 2021

An ambitious economic paper

Six years ago, the Economic Council of Canada stopped setting economic targets. For 14 years, the country had persistently fallen short of the ambitious growth, inflation and unemployment goals which the council set. Then, in 1977, acting chairman George Post decided to stop embarrassing the government and reminding Canadians how badly the economy was performing.
A bluegrass tycoon’s island dream 10b10c

A bluegrass tycoon’s island dream

The 1982 Falkland Islands War reminded the world that Britain does not easily surrender the few remnants of its scattered empire. But a hillbilly millionaire from Frog Level, Va., may single-handedly secure a remote and uninhabited British-controlled island for himself with little more than the promise of cash.
The capital of political confusion 6879

The capital of political confusion

The insularity of Ottawa is most apparent when the steady expert on its ingrown-toenailish parochialism returns from a spell away. There is the same sense of a town talking to itself, the village gossip who has an audience of only one. The nation’s capital, isolated in its freakish geographical setting well away from the mainstream of Canadian life, gazes in the mirror, convinced that it alone contains the perceived truth.
Reagan inches toward D-Day 2829

Reagan inches toward D-Day

Although he has still not made any formal announcement, it is an article of faith in Republican Party circles that President Ronald Reagan will seek a second term. That possibility became a probability on Oct. 17 with the official formation of the Reagan-Bush Re-election Committee.
Revelations from a second-life politician 18b19

Revelations from a second-life politician

On relations between Ottawa and Quebec: Whether it be Trudeau or anyone else, I think we can get along with Ottawa. In 1980 the federal government made some important constitutional overtures: the Quebec veto on immigration, family law, the concept of a distinct society for Quebec, judgments of the Supreme Court in litigations in Quebec.
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