November 14, 1983



At cocktail parties in California's high-tech Silicon Valley, through the offices of Wall Street investment analysts, in obscure trade journals and the popular press, the rumors ran like wildfire. Mere speculation that the giant International Business Machines Corp. was poised to enter the $2billion home computer market with a product code-named “Peanut” whipped the jittery computer industry into a frenzy of fear.


In A promising attack on cancer (Cover, Oct. 31) you note that Canadian researchers have spent $250 million trying to find a cure for cancer and that the prospect of discovery is now in sight. Every person in Canada, in effect, has invested just $10 to fund the cause.
Andropov’s war on alcoholism and sloth 1617

Andropov’s war on alcoholism and sloth

Sergei Vasilyevich no longer tries to squeeze in his grocery shopping before reporting to work in the morning. For the past three months the 29-year-old purchasing clerk, who requested that his last name not be used for fear of reprisals, has made an extra effort to report to his job at a downtown Moscow department store punctually at 10 a.m.
The Kennedy era revisited 20h1a

The Kennedy era revisited

Maclean’s: How did the personalities of the two Kennedy brothers differ? Schlesinger: John Kennedy was essentially a man of reason, Robert Kennedy a man of passion. John objected to the inequities in our society because they seemed ‘unreasonable,’ Robert Kennedy felt it in the gut.
A tragedy-numbed nation 3031

A tragedy-numbed nation

The operation was swift, devastating and tragically familiar. While guards fired frantically at the driver, a car filled with 110 lb. of high explosives burst into the grounds of a two-storey Israeli army building last week in the southern Lebanese port of Tyre.
The Socialists’ honeymoon on the rocks 1011

The Socialists’ honeymoon on the rocks

With the rallying call of cambio (change), Spain’s Socialists swept to power one year ago, forming the first leftist government since the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War. The new premier, Felipe González, promised more jobs, greater social justice and, above all, he said that he would steer the country onto a more progressive track.
The perils of rock on ‘the box’ T421

The perils of rock on ‘the box’

You need the cable, of course. A television set that receives only three, seven, 10 channels-a set like that has become something of an embarrassment. How much psychic pain a child endures when forced to confess on the cafeteria line that no, he didn’t see Halloween III: Season of the Witch last night, will only be determined after years of therapy.
An autopsy of an invasion 2829

An autopsy of an invasion

The marines left first, clambering back onto the ships which will transport many of them to warweary Beirut. Then the army began to move out, and by last week more than half the 6,000 U.S. troops deployed in Grenada had withdrawn, their military mission accomplished.
Keeler rewrites the tale 20d20e

Keeler rewrites the tale

Some scandals never die. At least that is what Christine Keeler hoped when she published her lat est autobiography, resurrecting the details of the 1960s British “Profumo affair.” Twenty years ago, when Keeler’s simultaneous cavortings with the British war minister, a Soviet naval attaché and numerous scions of the English upper class provided the world with salacious headlines, the shapely, good-time redhead hastily produced her first autobiography, offering her then version of the events.
Controlling the spies 2223

Controlling the spies

Bam-burning, break-ins and kidnapping by the Mounties were enough to convince the federal cabinet that the Security Service should be removed from the RCMP and placed under closer ministerial control. But two years after the McDonald commission recommended exactly that, the government’s bill to set up a new security intelligence service still has not become law.
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