December 12, 1983

Six with the right stuff 4041

Six with the right stuff

Nearly a quarter-century after Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin stunned the world by orbiting it in his primitive spaceship Vostok, Canada this week is taking its first small step in the giant enterprise of manned space travel. Six healthy, highly educated and intensely motivated Canadians were scheduled to be named as the country’s first astronauts.
An escape into fantasy and adventure 5253

An escape into fantasy and adventure

Sporting bold titles and glossy wrappers, the annual array of holiday giftbooks is as unfailingly rich and satisfying as a full-course Christmas feast. In a time of mounting anxiety over nuclear destruction, such glowing testimonials to human achievement and the enduring glory of nature seem especially necessary.
A tycoon’s assault on Gulf 3031

A tycoon’s assault on Gulf

Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens Jr. insists that his attempt to change the operation of the Gulf Oil Corp. is a “David and Goliath situation.” It is an apt description. Gulf, one of the legacies of the legendary Mellon family of Pittsburgh, is the ninth-largest corporation in the United States.
Scanning the skies for signs of life 56h57

Scanning the skies for signs of life

Robert Stephens has divested himself of practically everything he owned in order to concentrate his energies and resources on his quest. The 29-year-old electronics technician from Edmonton sold his tools—$15,000 worth of testing equipment—and shut down his own electronics business.
J. F. K. memories 45

J. F. K. memories

In a world where backbiting, criticism and judgment are the accepted norm, Pierre Salinger’s words are refreshing (John Kennedy then and now, Cover, Nov. 28). If we wish to create a new state of affairs, perhaps our spirit might be one of understanding and support for what is right in all our affairs both large and small.
Detour on the road to metric 1819

Detour on the road to metric

The and debate inconsistencies. is riddled On with one irony side of the argument over Canada’s conversion to metric measurements stands tough-minded federal Consumer and Corporate Affairs Minister Judy Erola. During the day the 49-year-old politician from Sudbury, Ont., is the country’s chief metric cheerleader, but at night she returns to her Ottawa home and a kitchen containing wellused imperial unit cookbooks.
Dome’s desperation pitch 3435

Dome’s desperation pitch

The Canadian and foreign bankers streaming out of a large convention hall in Calgary last week were in no mood for small talk. “None of your God damn business,” snapped one executive when a reporter asked what had happened behind the closed doors.
A government in waiting 1011

A government in waiting

Last month Brian Mulroney and his family moved into Stornoway, the Opposition leader's official residence in Ottawa. During the three months since his election to Parliament as the member for Central Nova, Mulroney and his family had been living at Kingsmere, the former summer home of Mackenzie King deep in Quebec's Gatineau Hills, while workmen renovated Stornoway.
The politics of the right to die T217

The politics of the right to die

Within a week of the television movie The Day After, a fireworks plant on Long Island was levelled, and people nearby confessed they thought an atomic bomb had fallen. The blast, of unknown origin, killed two individuals on the premises and, according to some, issued forth a convincing mushroom cloud and an exhibition of rocketry the likes of which ordinarily are reserved for the Fourth of July.
Stalling another bloodbath 2627

Stalling another bloodbath

The week in Washington amounted to another spin of the time-worn wheel of diplomacy. Last week, as Lebanon’s fragile ceasefire began to collapse, Washington sought, during back-to-back visits by Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and Lebanese President Amin Gemayel, to forge an agreement on foreign troop withdrawals and a sovereign Lebanon.
Politics with principle 16f16g

Politics with principle

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