December 19, 1983

The joys of a bountiful season 4041

The joys of a bountiful season

With fingers snapping and bodies twitching, the audience of 150 at the poetry reading eerily resembled a crowd in a Greenwich Village coffeehouse a generation ago. And the poet in the centre looked the part of the archbeatnik, with his wispy goatee and Coke-bottle glasses.
Christmas is for selling 48d49

Christmas is for selling

The Canadian consumer is a hardy species, a much-pursued but canny survivor in a rough-andtumble jungle—the $100-billion-a-year retail marketplace. In hard times, consumers become elusive, making only occasional forays for essentials and otherwise hoarding scarce dollars.
No easy way out 45

No easy way out

It was with some disbelief that I read the letter to the editor by John Knifton in the Nov. 28 issue of Maclean's (The divine plan). One sentence stuck in my mind as being representative of an attitude that I have often heard expressed recently, particularly in the press— “Who appointed Trudeau global peacemaker anyway?”
Promises from the throne 1011

Promises from the throne

Just hours after Gov. Gen. Ed Schreyer plodded through his final speech from the throne last week, officials from the Prime Minister’s Office telephoned Liberals across the country to ask their opinions. Some partisans were pleased that the outline of legislative proposals included many party policy planks.
The endless cycle of violence 1819

The endless cycle of violence

The car bomb, the most undiscriminating weapon in the arsenal of modern urban war, claimed a score more victims in the Middle East last week as the region remained trapped in its cycle of violence. In separate blasts in West Beirut and Jerusalem, 20 civilians were killed and 100 more injured.
Bell pursues a startled quarry 2829

Bell pursues a startled quarry

Rue St-Jacques in Montreal reacted with disbelief, Bay Street brokers in Toronto were nonplussed, and investment experts across the nation professed puzzlement. The object of the reaction was Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. (BCE), parent of a $13.4-billion telecommunications empire, which last week launched a takeover bid on a pipeline company.
Rape and the letter of the law T49

Rape and the letter of the law

If we are to take seriously the comments and writing of much of our major media, politicians and social activists (which covers a considerable range, from every NDPer visible to David Peterson, head of Ontario’s provincial Liberal party, Globe and Mail columnist Orland French and Toronto Sun columnists Walter Stewart and Laura Sabia), we can expect the following procedure to be implemented in our criminal justice system:
NATO’s search for unity 2021

NATO’s search for unity

For Pierre Trudeau’s fledgling peace initiative, the timing could not have been better. As NATO foreign and defence ministers gathered in Brussels last week, a growing sense of crisis overshadowed their talks. The alliance resolutely decided to continue deployment of the cruise and Pershing II missiles in Europe, despite last month’s Soviet walkout from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) reduction talks in Geneva.
The winter wait in Ottawa 5657

The winter wait in Ottawa

The snow lies deep and crisp and even in Ottawa, softening the whispers of the natives as they converse in the quaint gobbledegook that is the patois of the area. High swivel servants, bundled in parkas, mush through the drifts, salt beginning to climb their trouser legs.
A crusade for a dream 8b8C

A crusade for a dream

Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson, a 42-year-old black civil rights leader, is the latest and most controversial entrant to the race for the 1984 U.S. Democratic presidential nomination. Jackson, whom many Americans consider to have inherited the mantle of his former mentor, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., started his campaign late—he did not declare his candidacy until Nov. 3.
Alberta gives up an airline 3031

Alberta gives up an airline

The Alberta government fulfilled its 1982 campaign promise to get out of the airline business last week. It put Calgary-based Pacific Western Airlines (PWA) on the market and, as investors promptly bought the 3.7 million shares, it was clear that political and financial circles welcomed the move.
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