January 23, 1984



The national dream last week took the shape of a Lotto 6/49 ticket, a flimsy slip of paper with six numbers printed in purple ink. It only cost a dollar, but it was potentially worth more than $13 million. It promised an escape into a fantasy world of vast wealth and it unleashed an unprecedented epidemic of midwinter lottery fever across Canada.
A testy assault on medicare 2021

A testy assault on medicare

By most standards, Canada’s medicare system is indisputably one of the world’s best. But the national outcry over the program raised by the country’s politicians and doctors in recent months has created a widespread impression that the system is deteriorating rapidly.
AT&T goes for broke 3637

AT&T goes for broke

The past month has been full of turmoil for Robert Sageman, the president of AT&T International, an arm of the New York-based American Telephone and Telegraph Co. But last week he was at least getting some relief at the start of each day. “I look gratefully at The Wall Street Journal in the morning and see that we are not in the paper that day,” he told Maclean’s.
Documenting repression, torture and persecution 89

Documenting repression, torture and persecution

Costa-Gavras (born Constantin Garras), 50, the Greek expatriate filmmaker whose camera has become synonymous with the denunciation of repression, recently released his ninth feature film, Hanna K. The subject is his most controversial so far.
The Kissinger verdict 2829

The Kissinger verdict

The controversial findings seemed likely to stoke further the fires of debate over U.S. policy in Central America. “The more we learned, the more convinced we became that the crisis there is real, and acute; that the United States must act to meet it, and act boldly.”
Our titular lady 45

Our titular lady

I am still wondering where Jeanne Sauvé’s new title, “the First Lady,” came from (The First Lady, Cover, Jan. 9). When the Governor General is a man, we never call him “the First Gentleman,” do we? —YVES BELLEFEUILLE, Downsview, Ont. Your import of the American expression “First Lady” into Canada is thoughtless.
In praise of the north country 5859

In praise of the north country

There is a prevailing myth that the members of the Group of Seven were artistic radicals whose plunge into the wilderness landscape was as bold as Samuel de Champlain’s trailblazing centuries before. Indeed, certain members of the group even tended to encourage the notion that they had somehow sprung full-blown from the Canadian Shield, drawing their inspiration directly from the land rather than from foreign traditions.
How pain engenders greatness 1011

How pain engenders greatness

Contrary to what history books tell us, Canada has not yet been discovered, as even a little travelling will reveal. For a couple of weeks over the holiday season I spent time in that most cultivated and civilized centre of human existence, London, England.
The new breed of high-tech peacekeeper 5253

The new breed of high-tech peacekeeper

The prospect of preventing nuclear war has never seemed more remote. While the United States and the Soviet Union deploy more nuclear weapons in Europe and their confrontational rhetoric intensifies, arms control talks—the only real hope of stemming the tide—have all but ground to a halt.
The land lacks purpose 6061

The land lacks purpose

There is a strange mood across the land, the January blahs afflicting all and casting a pall over the Great White North. There is no sense of purpose in the realm, since we are all waiting for the proprietors to take leave of the counting house and be gone.
MacGuigan on contempt 4243

MacGuigan on contempt

In recent years contempt of court laws, which date from the enactment of the Criminal Code of Canada in 1892, have become a flashpoint of controversy. Reporters have complained that the threat of contempt rulings limits open reporting on the courts.
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