February 13, 1984


Attacking the Freudian establishment


A threat to water purity



It was a bad week for the tax man. In Langley, B.C., 300 people gathered in a school auditorium for an information session with Revenue Canada officials, but the meeting quickly turned into an angry shouting match as the audience denounced the tax collectors for their icy pursuit of unpaid taxes—even to the point of seizing money from a child’s savings account.
Attacking the Freudian establishment 4647

Attacking the Freudian establishment

The history of Freudian psycho-analysis is spotted with tales of passionate fraternities and irrevocable schisms, often followed by dire predictions about the uncertain future of psychoanalytic therapy itself. The most recent display of international bickering centres on 42-year-old psychoanalyst and former Torontonian Jeffrey Masson.
A threat to water purity 1011

A threat to water purity

Samuel Lee, a 53-year-old retired U.S. diplomat, lives in Mililani, a middle-class community of 24,000, 30 km north of Honolulu on the island of Oahu. Each day Lee and his neighbors, plastic bottles in hand, line up at a row of four taps near the edge of town to draw water from one of the area’s few remaining uncontaminated sources.
A Liberal dose of patronage 2425

A Liberal dose of patronage

While Prime Minister Trudeau wound down his lofty peace mission in Eastern Europe last week, his fellow Liberals concentrated on baser political concerns. In the House of Commons MPs eyed the doleful spectacle of Finance Minister Marc Lalonde apologizing to Tory Leader Brian Mulroney for the incorrect charge that Mulroney advocated tax breaks for the wealthy.
A straw man? 45

A straw man?

I cannot agree with Peter Newman’s column of Jan. 16 (The high cost of free trade, Business Watch). By surrounding his nostalgia with a battery of quotations, ranging from Abe Rotstein to George Ball, he has, I submit, missed the point. He has embroidered some theory with a lot of emotion in order to pummel a straw man.
Eliminating an age-old dental problem 5657

Eliminating an age-old dental problem

In the past 10 years advances in dental care have prompted some U.S. researchers to make the glowing prediction that by the turn of the century children could grow up without developing a single cavity. Most dental experts stop short of such sweeping generalizations, but many agree that promising new research, including the development of vaccines against tooth decay and the widespread use of fluoride in drinking water, may make cavities a thing of the past for many North American young people.
Treating moviegoers like morons 12d13

Treating moviegoers like morons

In these frigid months a Saturday night trek to the movies can assume singular importance—a kind of American survival routine undertaken in the belief that shared experience is vital to a hybrid culture and, moreover, that a person is dying an early death if he too often surrenders to the knitted afghan and TV listings.
Dancing into a brighter future 6061

Dancing into a brighter future

For many years the National Ballet of Canada seemed to belong to the same enchanted realm of handsome princes and sugarplum fairies that it brought to life on the stage. The glamor and prestige surrounding its international tours, home-grown heroines like Karen Kain and guest appearances by such celebrities as Rudolf Nureyev made it the envy of Canadian performing arts organizations.
Mulroney the fondler and stroker 6465

Mulroney the fondler and stroker

The other day Brian Mulroney got up from his front-bench seat in the House of Commons and cut out of Question Period five minutes early. As he headed for the back curtains, he passed the desk of Tom McMillan, the Hollywood-handsome young Tory from Prince Edward Island.
Axworthy vs. the airlines 4041

Axworthy vs. the airlines

When Ottawa first tried to deregulate Canada’s airline industry by loosening control of fares and routes in 1982, then Transport Minister Jean-Luc Pepin had to shelve the idea because of objections from a financially troubled airline industry which faced soaring fuel costs and dwindling numbers of passengers.
The long wait for justice 52b52c

The long wait for justice

The outlook is bleak for Quebecers hoping for a prompt and speedy day in court. People who launch civil actions for such claims as medical malpractice and breach of contract now have to wait more than seven years for a hearing in the Quebec Superior Court.
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