February 27, 1984



He was a man of 70 or more, and his clothes draped his body like a sheet around a skeleton. But he had the rhythm right, and his ancient feet somehow remembered the steps. As the band of drummers moved slowly down Calle Florida, the old man with the reckless samba led the way.
Boucher’s Olympic gold 4041

Boucher’s Olympic gold

Sarajevo can take a bow. The XIV Winter Olympiad, which concluded on Sunday in the Yugoslavian mountain city, was a smoothly run and highly congenial event that managed to overcome the problems posed by Sarajevo’s remoteness and its fickle weather.
Chernenko takes over 2223

Chernenko takes over

The death watch over Konstantin Chernenko began even before the 72-year-old Soviet leader had presided at the funeral of his predecessor, Yuri Andropov. Chernenko last week met a series of national leaders and prominent politicians after the funeral.
A taxing policy 45

A taxing policy

According to your article Coming clean on tax quotas (Canada, Jan. 30), “In Toronto, auditors apparently were told to find $700 in additional taxable income for every hour spent examining the tax files of small businesses and commission salesmen.”
Lalonde keeps his promises 1415

Lalonde keeps his promises

Finance Minister Marc Lalonde’s latest budget is the only one that Pierre Trudeau has missed in his 15 years as prime minister. Indeed, the finance minister’s timing could hardly have been worse. Not only was Trudeau in Moscow last week when Lalonde delivered his 20-page economic statement, but a televised Olympic hockey game from Sarajevo between Canada and Czechoslovakia was also in progress.
The plot to murder a president 5051

The plot to murder a president

The plot developed over snifters of Cognac at a café in the Vienna Woods. As the brandy flowed, four North Koreans gave Charles (Chuckie) Yanover his orders: assassinate South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan. Yanover, a Toronto arms dealer and self-styled soldier of fortune, boasted that he could muster amphibious assault teams to kill the South Korean leader during a visit to the Philippines.
Conflicting claims to the West Bank 1011

Conflicting claims to the West Bank

For Najieh Sha’alan, the events of Dec. 18,1983, remain a horrifying memory. That morning the 43year-old widow and mother of five, who lives in the village of El Jeep on the Israel-occupied West Bank, learned that police had arrested her 20-year-old son, Tayseer, for the murder of an Israeli settler.
A Liberal smoke-and-mirrors act 12f13

A Liberal smoke-and-mirrors act

Last week’s budget exercise was a near-perfect example of how almost an entire nation can get caught up in a detailed examination of its navel when its central nervous system is showing signs of distress. It is not that the budget papers are irrelevant.
Manitoba’s bitter divisions 1617

Manitoba’s bitter divisions

It is a battle that has exposed raw and inflamed emotions across an entire province. And it defies all attempts at a smooth solution. The deepseated passions of Manitoba’s language impasse, which is more than a century old and which burst into a new and divisive controversy last year, have since grown even more intense.
Hong Kong cashes in 4445

Hong Kong cashes in

The peaceful streets of rural Preeceville, Sask., are worlds away from the frenzied congestion of Hong Kong. And for the five members of the Au family, who emigrated from the British Crown colony to the small Prairie town of 1,250 people 250 km northeast of Regina last September, the change has been startling.
The inescapable February blues 6465

The inescapable February blues

The way to survive this country, in the February blahs, is to keep moving, seeking sanity and civility wherever it might bust out. In the drear Canadian winter, people trudging about like sludge, their minds in neutral and chilblains infesting their souls, there must be an oasis for the gentle spirit, some resting spot for the angst.
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