March 5, 1984

Assad: the new strongman 2829

Assad: the new strongman

The year was 1974, and the city was Damascus. Henry Kissinger, then U.S. secretary of state, was negotiating a troop disengagement accord with Syrian President Hafez al-Assad after the Yom Kippur War with Israel. With no agreement in sight, Kissinger attempted to ease tensions with a little humor.
Japan’s ultimatum to Dome 3637

Japan’s ultimatum to Dome

In Tokyo frantic telephone calls from Ottawa roused top Canadian Embassy officials from their beds in the middle of the night. In Toronto and New York a wave of sell orders forced stock exchanges to suspend trading in shares of Dome Petroleum Ltd. for a day.
Olympic omission 45

Olympic omission

In 1948 a Royal Canadian Air Force hockey team, coached by Frank Boucher, won the Olympic gold hockey medal for Canada at St. Moritz, while Barbara Ann Scott won the gold for figure skating. How has this double gold been overlooked by our reporters for so long (Canada’s Olympic promise, Cover Essay, Feb. 6)? I believe that should be a record of note and pride for all Canadians.
Video sex and violence T213

Video sex and violence

The band is playing on the front porch as a woman walks through a field, past the horses and the dark-suited people. She is carrying flowers and smiling, until she sees another woman glaring at her. The woman with the flowers gasps. She now sees herself arriving somewhere in a red sports car.
The case for intelligent drug use 89

The case for intelligent drug use

As the man who popularized LSD during the 1960s, Timothy Leary inspired a whole generation with his infamous catchphrase, “turn on, tune in, drop out.” Popularly known as the “high priest of LSD, ”Leary’s experiments with mind-altering drugs finally led Harvard University to dismiss him from his position of professor of psychology in 1963.
A barometer of violence 5859

A barometer of violence

Small, slight and smooth-cheeked, Thomas Lyons, 16, seemed an unlikely choice to join the ranks of the most dangerous men in Canada. But after hearing a procession of psychiatrists and other witnesses testify that the youth had a long record and a potential for further violence, Halifax County Court Judge Peter O’Hearn earlier this month declared Lyons a dangerous offender— the youngest person ever to receive the designation—and sentenced him to an indefinite prison term.
Salute to a vibrant revolutionary 6263

Salute to a vibrant revolutionary

When Norval Morrisseau, a selftaught painter from Northern Ontario, made his startling debut on the Canadian art scene 22 years ago with fresh, bold paintings that he had derived from Cree-Ojibwa mythology, an entire movement in native art sprang up almost overnight.
Questioning the fairness of inquiries 5051

Questioning the fairness of inquiries

In the town of Sherbrooke, Que., hundreds of spectators crowded an auditorium to hear Coroner Denys Dionne deliver his judgment, which was also broadcast live on a local radio station. They burst into cheers when Dionne ruled that three Sherbrooke policemen had acted criminally and negligently during a December raid on a motel room when an innocent man was shot to death.
Mondale closes the field 2223

Mondale closes the field

He is still only running for the Democratic presidential nomination. But last week former vice-president Walter Mondale sounded as though he was ready to move into the White House. Mondale’s resounding victory in Iowa’s Democratic party caucuses, in which he won support from 48.9 per cent of Iowa’s Democrats, ensured him at least 50 of that state’s 58 delegates to this July’s Democratic convention.
A Canada-U.S. water dispute 1011

A Canada-U.S. water dispute

It has been the subject of lawsuits, financial scandals and heated Washington-Ottawa disputes. Ever since Congress approved the Garrison Diversion project in 1965—a $1.2-billion scheme that would divert water from the Missouri River through a massive network of canals and dams to 250,000 acres of arid North Dakota farmland near Manitoba’s border—it has been a subject of intense debate.
Casting for the lead role 6465

Casting for the lead role

The Prime Minister of Canada is basically an actor, a clever manipulator of his own image. He enjoys the stage and, while pretending to be unaware of the audience, plays it like a mandolin. Pierre Trudeau professes to be annoyed at the attention given his leave-taking but he wallows in the suspense, dragging out the drama, keeping us all suspended in animation.
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