March 26, 1984

Turner’s race for the crown 1011

Turner’s race for the crown

John Turner staged an almost flawless entrance back into public life last week. He flew to Ottawa from Toronto, spent the night in a posh suite in the Chateau Laurier hotel, breakfasted alone on tea and a poached egg, and called his wife, Geills, who is on holiday with their children at an undisclosed ski resort.
The economy’s disarray 3435

The economy’s disarray

The dollar was falling, and interest rates were climbing. But Finance Minister Marc Lalonde was determined to maintain his equilibrium. As economists and Opposition party critics warned that Canada’s uncertain recovery was threatened, Lalonde dismissed their forbidding predictions and exuded confidence over the economy’s prospects.
Super Tuesday: a classic race 2627

Super Tuesday: a classic race

The crowd was large, and the candidate was jubilant. The race for the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination, former vice-president Walter Mondale said, would be determined by one question. Then a well-lubricated voice from the floor of his Super Tuesday victory celebration shouted, “Where’s the beef?”
A strong contender enters the field 1617

A strong contender enters the field

John Turner’s impressive entry into the Liberal leadership race last week, trailing endorsements from nine cabinet ministers, was an intimidating challenge to his rivals for the prime minister’s job. While the Turner forces were assembling, Energy Minister Jean Chrétien—widely believed to be Turner’s strongest opponent—spent two difficult weeks trying to decide whether he should run in the face of weakening support.
Misspending of our tax money 8f9

Misspending of our tax money

On April 1, the government of Canada will begin an annual ritual. The objective of the federal ritual: to spend $98 billion before midnight on Mar. 31,1985. Of course, the government has at its disposal 260,000 civil servants and 282 elected politicians to accomplish that seemingly formidable task.
A sheikdom in distress 8b8c

A sheikdom in distress

The 750 full-time residents of North Hatley, Que., discovered five years ago that Egyptian businessman Saad Gabr had discreetly bought up half of the prime commercial property in their tranquil resort village in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, 160 km east of Montreal.
Fear and death on the campaign trail 3031

Fear and death on the campaign trail

It was a typical suburban scene, except for the location: early morning sunshine, a quiet residential street, a father driving his daughter to school in the family’s green Toyota. But the suburb was El Hogar, on the northern outskirts of San Salvador.
Manitoba’s torrent of language litigation 2223

Manitoba’s torrent of language litigation

When New Democratic Party Premier Howard Pawley adjourned the Manitoba legislature last month, he signalled that he was abandoning his controversial attempt to pass a law extending language rights to the province’s francophones. Pawley’s retreat—in the face of fierce opposition—on the proposed language law increased the flood of legal and constitutional challenges to the province’s existing English-language legislation.
The case history of a slush fund 5657

The case history of a slush fund

How do the Liberals buy votes with your money? Let us count the ways.... In February of 1983 there was the incorporation in Toronto of something that called itself the Canadian Alliance for Italian Integration and Culture. The address was Suite 300, 295 College St. in that city.
The scholarly roots of a superstar 48f49

The scholarly roots of a superstar

Wynton Marsalis walks onstage with the measured poise of a chartered accountant, conservatively dressed in a charcoal-grey suit. Then he raises his golden trumpet to his lips and begins breathing a series of quiet, low notes, which soon tumble through clear, bright passages into bluesy growls and slurs.
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