April 9, 1984



The administrators at Toronto’s prestigious Hospital for Sick Children were alarmed, and the nurses were frightened. Something had gone terribly wrong in the cardiac ward, and no one knew why. Throughout 1980 and early 1981 babies died in unprecedented numbers at Canada’s foremost children’s hospital—and the death rate seemed to be accelerating.
Robert Ludlum and the realm of evil 5051

Robert Ludlum and the realm of evil

It was 4:30 in the morning, and the blue eyes of the man seated in the study of the 200-year-old Connecticut farmhouse were as imperturbable as the waters of the Atlantic that washed the shore a few hundred metres away. Lighting a Kool menthol cigarette, he began to write in pencil on a yellow, legal-size pad.
Leary and drugs 45

Leary and drugs

Regarding your Q&A with Timothy Leary (The case for intelligent drug use, March 5): one of the biggest problems today is the widespread use of harmful drugs, especially by young people. Those drugs are distributed by people solely to make money, without considering that they destroy people or at the very least reduce their capabilities.
The mysteries of KAL Flight 007 89

The mysteries of KAL Flight 007

At 6:27 p.m. last Sept. 1 the flight crew of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 sent a final, frantic message to ground control in Tokyo: “Rapid decompression... descending to one zero thousand.” Then there was silence. Seconds later the 747, which had strayed unaccountably into Soviet airspace while on a routine flight from New York to Seoul, South Korea, plunged into the Sea of Japan, killing all 269 passengers and crew.
Birth of a Bay Street giant 3031

Birth of a Bay Street giant

Bay Street’s cozy club of investment dealers, already agonizing about the Toronto Dominion Bank’s cut-rate brokerage service, is about to feel the earth move. Details remain obscured in secrecy, but an international investment bank with a capital base nearly twice the size of Wood Gundy or Dominion Securities Ames—the industry leaders—is in the process of being incorporated.
A chameleon comic adapts to success 5859

A chameleon comic adapts to success

It was another late night at the end of a 14-hour working day. The cast of The Duck Factory, NBC’s new comedy series, was exhausted. Tempers at Los Angeles Studio City Sound Stage 8 neared the breaking point. As executive producer Allan Burns was about to send everyone home, he was surprised to hear the voice of the usually gentlemanly actor Jimmy Stewart cursing bitterly.
Musings on a New Canada 6465

Musings on a New Canada

Senator Jack Austin is an engaging rascal. He demonstrated his chutzpah anew by choosing the weekend of April 1 as the date to try to transform Canadair Ltd. from an albatross to a phoenix. So, on or about April Fools’ Day, an asset-laden company called “New Canadair” arose, reborn from the ruins of its debt-ridden parent.
St. Urbain’s hustler rides again 6061

St. Urbain’s hustler rides again

For the past month a highly disciplined army of show business professionals has laid siege to Edmonton’s opulent Citadel Theatre. Last week, signalling an increase in the tempo of operations, the theatre took the unusual step of hosting a press conference in its lobby to promote its latest and largest production.
Reagan’s unanswered prayers 12f13

Reagan’s unanswered prayers

Church attendance is not one of President Reagan’s priorities. Like so many of his countrymen, Reagan prefers to spend sabbath mornings beyond range of the preacher’s hum and the chancel choir’s wakeful blast. Good enough. If the U.S. leader delights more in the Sunday paper than the weekly bulletin, if he chooses to watch vintage Roadrunner cartoons instead of witnessing the baptismal rite, if he wants to forgo suit and tie and remain in flannel pyjamas, who is to say he should be denied the privilege?
The Tory revival in Quebec 1415

The Tory revival in Quebec

Shortly after the 1980 federal election, Montreal lawyer Michel Cogger says that he attended a mass during which the priest asked the congregation to pray for the underprivileged, the alcoholic and the lame. “Don’t forget the Tories,” shouted a parishioner, who shared the common view that the party’s need was equally great.
Mulroney’s rough ride 1415

Mulroney’s rough ride

Over the past six months, an angry split has developed between Brian Mulroney’s federal Conservatives and Tories in Manitoba over the province’s bitter dispute about French-language rights. Last week, in an attempt to repair the damage, Mulroney flew to Winnipeg and, in the face of booing and heckling from an angry and disruptive audience, acknowledged that western Canadians are entitled to their own, unilingual view of Canada.
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