April 16, 1984



On a sombre afternoon in London, England, an odd assortment of women—sleekly groomed matrons, young mothers with babies, bookladen students and teenagers—crowded into a lecture theatre near Buckingham Palace. They came searching for answers from one of feminism’s most charismatic and compelling prophets, Germaine Greer.
Politics and profits on the papal tour 60j61

Politics and profits on the papal tour

The organizers of Pope John Paul II's tour of Canada in September are hoping against the odds that the 12-day event will be a pastor’s spiritual visit to part of his far-flung flock. “We do not want this to turn into a Michael Jackson tour,” insisted Rev. Frank Abbass, who is co-ordinating the pastoral aspect of the visit.
Alive and well 45

Alive and well

It was a pleasure to read your informative article on the background to the upcoming Israeli election (Israel’s broken coalition, World, April 2). In the deluge of news from that strife-torn region, reporters often overlook the incredible story of Israel’s democracy at work.
A reformed White House 16jT1

A reformed White House

When Theodore C. Sorensen wrote his best-selling book Kennedy in 1965—an account of his experiences as a political adviser to John Kennedy from 1961 to 1963—he established himself as an incisive analyst of the U.S. political scene. Since then Sorensen, 55, has written four other books dealing with the executive branch of the U.S. government.
The Pennsylvania challenge 2627

The Pennsylvania challenge

It was former vice-president Walter Mondale’s most vicious campaign and his sweetest victory. Senator Gary Hart, the target of Mondale’s relentless and damaging attack, had stumbled badly. And for Jesse Jackson, who mustered massive support among black voters, the New York state primary provided impressive evidence that he will wield great influence in the final choice of a Democratic challenger to face President Ronald Reagan in November.
Which parent owns the child? T417

Which parent owns the child?

Perhaps the ghost of King Solomon was listening to the case being heard in a Toronto courtroom last month as two parents argued over the life of their child—each one claiming to be looking after its best interests. In the Bible, King Solomon faced a similar situation.
Government by scandal 12W1

Government by scandal

Chicago elected Harold Washington, its first black mayor, last April after a vituperative campaign that made the city appear to be a roiling cauldron of racism. But it was only after Washington took office on April 29 that the real fight began.
A disputed killing in New Jersey 5859

A disputed killing in New Jersey

In appearance, at least, Bruce Curtis, a shy and lanky 20-year-old from Middleton, N.S., does not fit the role. But in March, 1983, a jury in the state of New Jersey convicted him of aggravated manslaughter in the death of a New Jersey woman, Rosemary Podgis, and he is now serving a 20-year sentence.
Coming of age in an elderly land 7677

Coming of age in an elderly land

There are many ways of roaming through Britain, the most infuriating and quietly charming jurisdiction of all. One can do a package tour with a clutch of blue-rinse matrons and loud-voiced, grumping Yanks strong on cigars and polyester.
A novel plan for the new man 1819

A novel plan for the new man

Conservative Leader Brian Mulroney was at home last week preparing a Bible reading for the annual Parliament Hill prayer breakfast when the Gallup poll results came out. His jubilant chief policy adviser, Charles McMillan, telephoned to tell him that the Tories had stunningly reversed their six-month decline.
Parents to the rescue 60d60e

Parents to the rescue

Faced with progressive cutbacks in education funding in Quebec, the Sunnydale Park Elementary School in Dollard des Ormeaux, west of Montreal, reluctantly dropped the position of music teacher two years ago. But the school’s 430 students still receive music training, because of their parents’ fund-raising talents.
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