May 14, 1984



The French-built Iraqi Super Etendard fighter-bomber approached its target at a speed of about 575 m.p.h. High above the Persian Gulf the jet’s radar locked onto an Iranian warship as the vessel neared an Iraqi port. When the warplane was within a 40mile radius of its quarry, the pilot programmed the ship’s range and bearing into a computerized Exocet AM 39 missile launcher, fired the weapon and turned for home.
Innocence abroad? 45

Innocence abroad?

I sincerely hope that the April 16 Justice article, A disputed killing in New Jersey, together with the well-researched documentary done by CBC Halifax Inquiry will lead to correcting an injustice that appears to have been done to Bruce Curtis—a Canadian citizenin a New Jersey court.
The challenge in the West 1819

The challenge in the West

Saskatoon lawyer and Liberal party organizer Douglas Richardson looked out his office window at a cloudless Prairie sky and said that he wished it would snow. Explained Richardson on the eve of the party’s muchheralded all-candidates debate in the West:
The high cost of CANDU 2627

The high cost of CANDU

When the first surge of electricity flowed out of the Douglas Point nuclear reactor 17 years ago, officials at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) hailed the operation as the model for its CANDU reactor program. But last week those dreams about the $81-million station 200 km northwest of Toronto came to an end.
A surge of Hispanic power 3233

A surge of Hispanic power

April was the driest month. Not since 1885, when Bexar (pronounced “Bear”) County began keeping records, has South Texas had so little rain. Oldtimers claim that there was a worse drought during the Civil War, and few Texans are willing to challenge them.
The pitfalls of diplomacy 08T1

The pitfalls of diplomacy

Abba Eban, considered by many to be Israel’s most experienced and articulate international spokesman, recently published The New Diplomacy, a highly acclaimed book on international affairs. The book, which describes the radical changes that have taken place in international diplomacy since the Second World War, reflects Eban’s broad diplomatic experience, first as Israel’s permanent representative to the United Nations (1949 to 1959) and to the United States (1950 to 1959), and later as Israeli foreign minister (1966 to 1974).
Videotex’s uncertain fate 16b16c

Videotex’s uncertain fate

At the first international convention three years ago in Toronto, two Canadian exhibitors—Infomart and Telidon—were the Couple of the Year at the fledgling high-tech ball. Telidon was Canada’s new, computer-based, two-way information system that allowed users to retrieve information from a central information bank via telephone lines.
Canada and the issue of racism T617

Canada and the issue of racism

In the autumn of 1938 Hitler was putting into place the events that would lead to the Second World War. The Jewish “problem” was well in hand, and Europe’s Jews were in flight, desperately looking for refuge, knocking at the doors of the Western world.
Khomeini’s grip on a Western lifeline 48d49

Khomeini’s grip on a Western lifeline

The threat is awesome and, if it is ever carried out, the result would be chaotic for most of the world’s oil-importing countries. During its 44month war with Iraq, the Iranian government has said repeatedly that if Baghdad provokes it, it will close the Persian Gulf to shipping.
MacGuigan on the record 2223

MacGuigan on the record

Justice Minister Mark MacGuigan is one of seven candidates in the Liberal leadership race. Like most of the contenders behind the acknowledged leaders, John Turner and Jean Chrétien, MacGuigan wants to increase the number of delegates supporting him before the leadership convention next month in Ottawa.
What babies should not know 7677

What babies should not know

I have this friend, you see. Of the male menopausal age, short of hair and long on vanity, his tennis skills not as high as his ego, undeserving of his young wife, who has just delivered a bouncing baby girl—who is more hirsute than he is. His wife has astounded Ottawa friends by appearing, three days after giving birth, at a great party for an award-winning colleague, with baby in tow of course.
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