May 21, 1984


The Tarnished Olympics


A deadly siege in Quebec


Billy and the Kid again

The Tarnished Olympics 3839

The Tarnished Olympics

The arrival of Moscow’s regrets could not have been more deftly timed. In New York City the Olympic flame had just begun its winding 15,000-km transcontinental journey toward Los Angeles, where, after having been passed hand to hand by 4,000 runners, it is scheduled to arrive July 28 to open the 23rd Olympiad.
A deadly siege in Quebec 1415

A deadly siege in Quebec

The stocky, bearded man drove the 1984 Buick Skyhawk to the entrance of Quebec City’s historic Citadel on the Plains of Abraham at 9:45 a.m. on a cold, rainy Tuesday. The few tourists on the windswept grounds did not notice him park the rented beige sedan.
Billy and the Kid again 4849

Billy and the Kid again

The National Hockey League’s 7½month, 905-game elimination exercise is finally over, and the league’s two best teams are playing once again for the Stanley Cup. The New York Islanders have won the last four championships and are on the threshold of tying the Montreal Canadiens’ record of five straight (1956-60).
The debt bomb’s short fuse 3233

The debt bomb’s short fuse

The guests at the closed-door conclave, held in the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s fortress-like headquarters last week, were a veritable Who’s Who of global finance: Jacques de Larosière, chief of the 146member International Monetary Fund (IMF), Paul Volcker, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, as well as senior officials from the World Bank and the reclusive but vital Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements.
Mondale after Hart’s revival 2223

Mondale after Hart’s revival

It was a scene for which few Democrats were prepared. In a Washington hotel ballroom last week, a jubilant Gary Hart held a victory celebration. Against heavy odds, the Colorado senator had staged a strong rally in his faltering campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination by winning primaries in two critical states—Ohio and Indiana—beating former vice-president Walter Mondale, the front-runner, by narrow margins.


WHEN PEOPLE TALK ABOUT AEROSPACE, they think about airplanes, engines and space, but seldom about electronics. As the aviation industry has evolved, the electronics sector has become more and more important. It’s a major part of the industry today, and it’s growing strongly.
SCTV’s revival hopes 1011

SCTV’s revival hopes

The funniest network on television began beaming out its signals in 1976, not from the major U.S. metropolises of New York or Los Angeles, but from Toronto—or, as the show claimed, from a hick town called Melonville. SCTV Network, a 90-minute comedy show satirizing the banality of conventional broadcast fare, won two Emmy Awards and widespread acclaim.
Brazil’s tribes at war 6263

Brazil’s tribes at war

In the remote Xingu forest of Brazil, 100 angry Indians, daubed with red war paint and armed with spears and bows and arrows, last month blocked the federal highway that runs through their reserve between the capital, Brasilia, and the ancient city of Manaus on the Amazon.
A pressing issue 45

A pressing issue

I hope the staff at Maclean's has enough integrity to be blushing with embarrassment at the self-serving hysterical hype of the May 7 cover story, The'Vengeance' affair. In a world bursting with crisis and craving analysis you give us 10 pages to tell us that some publishers hope to make some money on a book being issued.


Canada’s aviation industry builds on a proud legacy
Fix the economy a step at a time 12f13

Fix the economy a step at a time

There is widespread concern among Canadians about the economic future of the country. There is practically as much concern among Canadians about their own personal economic future. Donald Macdonald, in the interim report of his royal commission, tells us there is no “easy fix” for what ails us.
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