May 28, 1984

In pursuit of the undecided 2223

In pursuit of the undecided

The fight for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s job has narrowed to a showdown between two dramatically different men—the cool patrician John Turner and the scrappy streetfighter Jean Chrétien. During the past two months seven contenders have spent millions of dollars and travelled thousands of kilometres in search of support.
Long distance at a discount 4243

Long distance at a discount

Two Vancouver-based phone companies have reached out and struck a nerve in the giant B.C. Telephone Co. by threatening its monopoly on long-distance calls. And the rest of the nation’s telephone industry is monitoring the situation attentively.
Ironic justice 45

Ironic justice

How ironic that I received your April 30,1984, edition with the cover story on Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Dickson (The new face of the law) on the day that his court ruled against Newfoundland and Labrador in the matter of the Quebec-Newfoundland contract involving power from Churchill Falls.
The bold creation of opportunity 4849

The bold creation of opportunity

The history of Canada’s Indians is commonly written off as a long march backward, documenting their loss of dominion over a continent and its resources. In fact, it is a delicate chronicle of a people on the leading edge of genocide, altering their way of life so that they might endure.
The capital of cocaine 89

The capital of cocaine

On a jungle airstrip in northeast Bolivia, a military transport plane filled with narcotics police recently made a surprise landing near buildings that resembled those on a cattle ranch. In fact, it was a secret cocaine laboratory, and after the 50 elite commandos had stormed it they arrested two high-ranking members of the Bolivian drug mafia.
The fight over import quotas 4647

The fight over import quotas

Canada’s Japanese-car dealers were outraged. Consumers stood to suffer higher prices. But major domestic automakers and union spokesmen were unsympathetic. The reason: a survey released by the Automobile Importers of Canada last week revealed that, because of import quotas on Japanese cars, sales of those vehicles were 33 per cent lower in April, 1984, then in April, 1983.
Nova Scotia’s lobster wars 1414a

Nova Scotia’s lobster wars

One year ago this month, lobster fishermen in southern Nova Scotia chased two federal fisheries inspection vessels into the port of West Pubnico and then rammed, burned and sank them. Later, 13 fishermen received suspended sentences under the piracy section of the Criminal Code.
Marcos receives a stinging setback 3435

Marcos receives a stinging setback

When he called last week’s National Assembly elections in the Philippines, President Ferdinand Marcos calculated that victory by a few opposition candidates would give his regime a veneer of democratic respectability. But as the results trickled in, it became obvious that the 66-year-old dictator had miscalculated.
The lessons of Joe McCarthy’s reign 1616a

The lessons of Joe McCarthy’s reign

Thirty years ago, in an ornate caucus room of the Senate Office Building in Washington, politicians, lawyers, 400 spectators, 120 reporters and 15 newsreel cameramen converged to witness a single man do battle with the United States Army.
Confusion, not the GG, reigns 16d17

Confusion, not the GG, reigns

We have a new Governor General, but what is she supposed to do? Confusion reigns. Confusion about the Governor General has reigned throughout our history. Confusion has reigned more than the Governor General has, if in fact the Governor General is supposed to reign at all, which many doubt and others don’t.
The Liberal brass hats lean to Turner 2627

The Liberal brass hats lean to Turner

By their numbers alone, they are a potent force that all the Liberal leadership contenders must try to attract. They are the ex officio convention delegates—about 1,600 current or former legislators and party office holders who are automatically entitled to vote for the new leader—and together they will cast more than a third of the ballots at next month’s convention.
Iran’s ominous reprisal 3031

Iran’s ominous reprisal

The crippled Kuwaiti oil tanker Bahra limped into its home port last week with a gaping fivesquare-yard hole in its starboard side. The damage—sustained in an air attack—was relatively light, but the political repercussions were global in their impact.
Reagan’s re-election chances 3839

Reagan’s re-election chances

Just before the 1980 U.S. presidential election a young Republican congressman from Michigan boasted to a service club in the Midwest that Ronald Reagan had prepared for his TV debate with then-President Jimmy Carter by using briefing papers “filched” from the White House.
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