June 4, 1984




Panic in an endless war


Wooing the women delegates



At Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles the ritual of celebrities implanting their impressions in wet concrete is almost as old as the movie industry itself. But when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg took their turn earlier this month, the act was a typical gesture of independence from the 166 luminaries who had preceded them.
Panic in an endless war 1415

Panic in an endless war

For six days last week an uneasy calm settled over the warm, blue-green waters of the Persian Gulf. A recent series of attacks by Iranian and Iraqi planes on neutral oil tankers and cargo ships appeared to have ended just as swiftly—and unexpectedly—as it had begun only a few days earlier.
Wooing the women delegates 1011

Wooing the women delegates

When women delegates cast their ballots at this month’s Liberal leadership convention, they may be giving the country’s next Prime Minister a taste of the politics of the future. Potentially, women make up the most powerful political lobby in the country, and with women representing about 40 per cent of the voting power on the Liberal convention floor—the largest female contingent ever to attend a Canadian political convention—they will be in a position to exercise that clout.
Nixon is ready; America is not 8f9

Nixon is ready; America is not

Richard Nixon was asked recently about his Watergate ordeal and the former president answered, with a touch of impatience, that sufficient words had been expended on the subject and that he, for one, was in no mood to continue the discussion.
The Shaw Festival’s rich new mix 5253

The Shaw Festival’s rich new mix

Artistic excellence, not profit, is the primary goal of Canada’s theatrical institutions, including the Shaw Festival. Still, the flourishing annual event at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., recorded a minor triumph last year by posting a profit of $106,000.
A summer for slumbering 5657

A summer for slumbering

If I were you, I would circle June 20 on your calendar—and pray for the worst. Every member of the Regressive Convertible party in Ottawa is watching the same date. It is considered the last day that John Turner can ruin your summer. Prime Minister John Turner that is, the only Liberal in the land prettier than Iona Campagnolo.
Chrétien without illusions 1213

Chrétien without illusions

As the acknowledged second-place candidate in the Liberal leadership race, Energy Minister Jean Chrétien, 50, probably has the best chance of defeating John Turner at this month’s party convention. In the sixth of a series of interviews with Maclean’s, the member from Shawinigan, Que., discussed his qualifications for Pierre Trudeau’s job and his political beliefs with the magazine ’s senior editors.
Movie rites in the Temple of Mammon 4647

Movie rites in the Temple of Mammon

Long before Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the latest Steven Spielberg-George Lucas cliff-hanger, opened last week across North America, Paramount Pictures executives had ensured that the film would succeed at the Temple of Mammon.
Death in the Moscow dawn 1819
Two rebels’ final ordeal

Death in the Moscow dawn

When 54-year-old British banker Dennis Skinner fell from the 12th floor of his bleak apartment building on Moscow’s Leninsky Prospekt on June 17,1983, his death immediately provoked widespread suspicion. His battered body was shoeless, and a tracksuit top covered his head.
Fighting brain damage 48d48e

Fighting brain damage

For the past five years medical researchers in North America and Europe have struggled with a seemingly impossible mission—reversing or at least arresting brain damage due to genetic defects or accidents. Now, specialists in neurology, after failing with other techniques, say they are encouraged by a recent series of experiments that use brain chemicals and nerve regeneration techniques.
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