June 11, 1984

Aftermath of Vengeance 4647

Aftermath of Vengeance

The real-life tale of the controversial No. 1 best seller Vengeance, being marketed around the world as the true account of an Israeli assassination team’s deadly 1972-1974 mission to Europe, is a tangled saga of deception and duplicity inspired by the lure of large profits.


The Normandy beaches are tranquil and barren now, a vast, ageless memorial to the death and the glory of June 6, 1944. Along the ragged cliffs the remains of German pillboxes, their rusted cannon still aimed menacingly out to sea, are the only evidence of that grey, bleak morning when 155,000 Allied soldiers waded ashore through machine-gun and artillery fire to begin the liberation of Europe from Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.


Everyone was saying, ‘We will fix them.’ And even though I was older and understood that this was not going to be such a lark, we were all green. We had drawn lots, and my brother Elliot and I were each to lead our companies on the first wave—what they used to call the ‘forlorn hope.’
Olympic survival 45

Olympic survival

Your article The Tarnished Olympics (Cover, May 21) rightly comes to the inescapable conclusion that for the Games to continue, they must be held at a permanent and neutral site. Amid all the rhetoric following the Soviet announcement of nonparticipation in the 1984 Los Angeles Games, from suggestions to ban the boycotters to ending the Games, there has emerged only one voice of reason—the recommendation reiterated by President Constantine Karamanlis of Greece, calling for the establishment of the Olympic Games on an international site in Greece.
Summit without pretension 4041

Summit without pretension

The Duke of York and Albany built London’s sumptuous Lancaster House, the setting for this week’s economic summit, in the 1820s, but he died before paying for it or moving in, and his creditors took it over. Fittingly, the world’s creditors, the seven major industrial nations, are meeting in the historic building more than a century later to grapple with their own much more severe problems with cash-starved debtors and the cost of money.


The tide is out on the beach at Bernières-sur-Mer. In the languid afternoon sun, lovers sprawl in front of a row of neat white changing cabins. Farther along the shore shrieking children tumble down dunes studded with buttercups. But down by the water’s edge, three elderly men in polished shoes and Sunday-best suits pace and repace the sand flats littered with mussel shells and memories.
Pornography as a feminist tool 12d13

Pornography as a feminist tool

Thelma McCormack has been a professor of sociology at York University for 21 years and has been publishing in academic journals since 1944. She has had extensive experience in research work, ranging from such positions as associate director, Laboratory for Social Research at Northwestern University in Evanston, I11., to study director, Allan Memorial Institute of psychiatry at McGill.
The Turner commitment 1415

The Turner commitment

John Turner is cheerful about his role as the acknowledged favorite in the race for the Liberal leadership, June 16. But he admits that his return to public life has been a challenge. In the seventh and last interview with the candidates, Turner discussed his policies and plans with the magazine’s senior editors.
What the nannies accomplished 6465

What the nannies accomplished

In the pristine, virginal world of politics the Liberals, as you know, are above reproach. Halos attach themselves to their wigs, and daffodils sprout out of their ears. It is the Tories who do dumb things, carting in winos from the Old Brewery Mission to delegate selection meetings and signing up nine-year-olds.
The Pied Piper mystery 1011

The Pied Piper mystery

For the 60,000 residents of the West German city of Hamelin, time has picked the legend of the Pied Piper clean of drama, making it little more than a quaint anecdote which enriches the local tourism industry. But for historians the long-ago events in Hamelin present an enduring enigma.
A short prescription for success 3637

A short prescription for success

What has been missing from the Liberal leadership race is any dialogue of ideas. It is, after all, not just a struggle for power: the man who wins will become, however temporarily, Canada’s 17th Prime Minister, and hold for a time both political authority and ideological sway.
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