July 2, 1984



It is called “the silent killer.” At least one in 10 adult Canadians has high blood pressure or hypertension. It strikes senior citizens, hard-driving executives and young men and women. Most of the victims feel perfectly healthy until they are diagnosed and placed on drugs.
Intrigue in the arms trade 2627

Intrigue in the arms trade

It is a tale with enough twists and characters to rival the most lurid paperback. Spanning 11 years, the tangled saga of Panagiotis Takis (Taki) Veliotis, a Greek-born millionaire businessman, involves the world’s largest contractor, St. Louis-based General Dynamics Corp.
Mondale’s search for a mate 1819

Mondale’s search for a mate

He has yet to secure the Democratic party’s nomination for president and his rivals have not yet bowed out. But former vice-president Walter Mondale is already grappling with what may be the most crucial decision of his campaign for the presidency: the selection of a vice-presidential running mate.
Waiting for the Turner team 1011

Waiting for the Turner team

As Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau walked across Parliament Hill last week, the usual crowd of backward-shuffling television crews preceded him, their cameras rolling. This time, however, the cameras focused on the beaming face of the man beside Trudeau: Prime Minister-designate John Turner.
Sanitizing the Vietnam War 8d9

Sanitizing the Vietnam War

Perhaps it was to be expected that, with a huge standing army and enough fire power to vaporize, once and for all, the assorted enemies of democracy, the United States would develop a passion for the splendors of military might. We adore war movies, of course, and, whenever the opportunity arises, march down Main Street with armaments slung over our shoulders.
The signs of a long, cold summer 2021

The signs of a long, cold summer

The Cold War of hot words between East and West continued last week in the capitals of both superpowers. In Moscow, French President François Mitterrand bluntly told Soviet leader Konstantin Chernenko that it was the Kremlin’s buildup of SS-20 missiles in Europe rather than any Western desire to outmanoeuvre the Soviet Union that led to the deployment last December of U.S. cruise and Pershing II missiles.
The legacy of asbestos 88a

The legacy of asbestos

It had net assets of $1.1 billion (U.S.), but Manville Corp., the giant Denver-based construction, mining, and forest products company, which for decades was the Western world’s largest producer of asbestos, filed for bankruptcy court protection in New York in August, 1982.
Ottawa prepares for the 1950s 5657

Ottawa prepares for the 1950s

The tenor of the nation is set by the occupant of 24 Sussex Drive. Just as the Kennedys inspired a style of wit and elegance in Washington, the early days of Pierre Elliott Trendeau dictated an experimental, LIP-granted band of long-haired transients who thumped their way across the country in search of Nirvana (three kilometres on the highway outside Swift Current).
Clinging to a mountain of debt 3233

Clinging to a mountain of debt

In typically Canadian fashion the mountain of unpaid Third World debt threatening to topple the free world’s monetary system is being dismissed as a distant phenomenon being played out on foreign shores by swarthy men with unpronounceable names.
A losing battle at the polls 1617

A losing battle at the polls

There was a time when members of the Parti Québécois could shrug off byelection losses by pointing out that the PQ always won big when it counted—at general election time. But with the party languishing in its lowest-ever position in the polls, Pequistes found it difficult to put a brave face on last week’s defeat in three more byelections, a triple setback that stretched the party’s inglorious losing streak to 21 straight—every byelection the PQ has called since taking power in 1976.
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