July 30, 1984

The quest for Olympic glory 3435

The quest for Olympic glory

The biggest and best Canadian Olympic team ever assembled will march into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Saturday for the opening ceremonies of the politically troubled 23rd Summer Olympiad. Two weeks later the 438 young men and women will almost certainly leave the City of Angels with a record number of medals, surpassing the performance of 130 red-and-whiteclad Canadian athletes who trooped into the same stadium 52 years ago.
The massacre at McDonald’s 2223

The massacre at McDonald’s

It was just another sunny, southern California day. A day for going to the beach, or shopping, or visiting friends. In San Ysidro, a Mexican-American neighborhood only one mile north of the Mexican border and 15 miles south of San Diego, it was a day for running errands or taking a trip to the zoo.
Mondale's hard-won truimph 1617

Mondale's hard-won truimph

After his defeat as President Jimmy Carter’s running mate in the 1980 election, former vicepresident Walter Modal?s and a few close friends began plotting a strategy for winning the Democratic party’s 1984 presidential nomination. Walter Frederick (Fritz) Modal?s’ long and urduoust odyssey ended triumphantly in San Francisco last week amid 35,000 delegates, guests and journalists.
Stalking the ‘switchers’ 1011

Stalking the ‘switchers’

The party professionals call them “switchers” and their constituencies “swing ridings.” If recent voting patterns continue when Canadians go to the polls Sept. 4, two in 10 voters—roughly 3.3 million—will support a different party than the one they backed in the 1980 general election.
The leaders face the nation 89

The leaders face the nation

There were just enough skirmishes in Canada’s midsummer election campaign last week for it to escape the “phony war” label—but there were no pitched battles and only minor casualties. The heavy action was expected to begin this week, with two crucial television debates among the three major party leaders: Prime Minister John Turner, Conservative Leader Brian Mulroney and New Democratic Party Leader Ed Broadbent.
Michael Jackson goes to where? 6b7

Michael Jackson goes to where?

Michael Jackson for president. We should dispense with the preliminaries—why spend millions on another exhausting, nasty political campaign?—and give the kid a fouryear White House fellowship. Let him run things for a while. Let him coo at Gromyko and invite Pentagon chiefs in for a few hours of video massage.
The billion-dollar gas debate 3031

The billion-dollar gas debate

Natural gas, the commodity that brought Canadian companies $3.9 billion in export earnings last year, was at the centre of two crossborder battles between Ottawa and Washington last week. On one front Canadian gas producers were cautiously optimistic.
Trouble on tobacco road 46b47

Trouble on tobacco road

Valerie and Michael Hornyak have worked together on their 150-acre tobacco farm near Courtland, Ont., 70 km southeast of London, since their marriage in 1960. Their occupation provided them with a lucrative living from the $5-billion Canadian tobacco industry until they suffered a series of setbacks in which their crop was damaged by blue mould in 1979, torrential rains in 1980 and a heavy frost in 1982.
Canada’s vanishing fertile soil 4445

Canada’s vanishing fertile soil

After any heavy summer rainfall curious tourists approach farmers in the St. John River Valley-New Brunswick’s potato belt—and ask why the picturesque river has turned chocolate brown. Local farmer Jacques Laforge, for one, tells them the color comes from precious topsoil that the rain has washed off the region’s farms and into the river.
Free trade and a balanced future 3233

Free trade and a balanced future

As John Turner and Brian Mulroney search with desperation for policy options to resolve the economic crisis one of them is bound to inherit, they could hardly do better than take time out from their campaigns to read a fascinating new book by Felix Rohatyn, the international financier who saved New York City from bankruptcy in 1975.
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